Our Coeur d'Alene Family Vacation Part II: Tubbs Hill + The Hiawatha Trail


Tuesday was a bit more low key as we set out to explore a few of Coeur d'Alene's downtown highlights at the kids' pace.

First on the list was to hike Tubbs' Hill!  We didn't finish the hike.  Instead, we pulled off at a beachy spot and the boys enjoyed playing in the water!  I didn't think to wear swimsuits or bring our towels.  (Actually, I wasn't thinking at all.  I was just surviving with my sore throat!)  But we all had a blast anyway.  I didn't talk much, but I sure did enjoy myself.  Hanging out at the water's edge in the sunshine and watching my boys happily play is a day in heaven in my book!

^^Conrad jumping off his "diving board"^^
^^Conrad loved playing in the rocks at the beach.  All boy!^^
^^A picture with Grandma and Grandpa!^^

After our short hike and playing in the lake, we found a shady spot at McEuen Park to eat our picnic lunch while the boys played.  There was a big park and a splash park.  We sooo should have worn our swimming suits.  Oh well!  It was a warm sunny day and the boys' clothes dried quickly.  Some wet clothes weren't going to stop them from enjoying the moment!

^^Haha.  Conrad's face.  He splashed water in his own eyes.^^
^^Jed created a new hairdo for himself.  Stylish!^^

After a relaxing lunch, we wandered downtown to an ice cream store called Sweet Peaks.  The store had some original flavors to try!  It was delicious ice cream.  

^^Conrad's look of admiration as he sat with his brothers to eat ice cream.^^
^^Levi ate the bottom off of his cone!  He later learned why that was a bad idea.  Hahaha.^^

Then... Conrad must have sat long enough to relax because he started falling asleep while eating his ice cream cone!  He licked his cone with his eyes closed as he started to sway.  He eventually slumped into Bron's arms and slept all the way back to the truck.  When Bron put him in his seat, Conrad tried licking his ice cream cone again!  It was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.  I can die happy now.

We all went back to the house where Conrad took a nice long nap and Grandma and Grandpa took the big boys down to Ross' Point for a few hours.  (Have I mentioned yet how much we loved having Grandma and Grandpa Nelson with us?!)

Afterwards, we all headed into Coeur d'Alene once more.  We found this incredible wooden park called Fort Sherman.  We all had so much fun exploring and playing there before heading down to the beach on Lake Coeur d'Alene.  It was a proud moment for me when I realized that my boys take after their mama.  They would not get out of the water even though the sun was practically gone!  My boys are die hard fishes.  I love it.  We picked up some pizza that evening and called it a really good day.

^^Grandpa and Bron throwing the boys into the water.^^
^^Sometimes there's no better toy than a simple plastic bag.  No worries, I packed it up with us.^^
^^My biggest fish.  He loves swimming with these goggles.^^
^^All three boys in the frame!  Whoop!^^
^^Giant sticks also make great toys.^^
^^Isn't the lake just beautiful?  Mountain lakes will forever have a special place in my heart.^^

The next day, we loaded the bikes up bright and early to ride the Hiawatha Trail.  This activity was definitely one of our trip's highlights.  The Hiawatha trail used to be a train track through some of North Idaho's prettiest mountain country.  It's now a fifteen mile bike path with ten tunnels and seven sky high trestles.  The Taft Tunnel is 1.66 miles long!  It was cold and wet and we used Bron's bike light to see.  I think the boys are still talking about that adventure.  The views on the trail are incredible!  But the best part is that it's all at a gentle down hill slope.  The boys did great!  

^^Outside the Taft Tunnel which connects Idaho and Montana.  I spy two more bikes coming through!^^
^^The views are unreal, aren't they?  Below is one of the trestles we crossed.^^
^^Stopping to read some informational signs (Jed liked to stop at every single one!) and enjoy the company of some not so shy chipmunks.^^
^^Um, yes, I totally rode with my big camera around my neck and took pictures at the same time.  I'm impressed with myself!  Bron, on the other hand, was not surprised.^^
^^Dropping some pebbles off a sky high trestle.^^
^^The view looking down.^^
^^This little seat for Conrad was totally a worthwhile investment!^^
^^This was another funny moment.  Conrad fell asleep on the bike!  Poor kid still needs his naps.^^
^^How cool is it that the boys can say their grandparents are so awesomely active that they rode this trail with them?!^^
^^Conrad completely passed out.  He slept like a floppy rag for nearly a half hour!^^
^^Our whole crew all together... and Conrad still passed out.^^

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