The Obligatory First Day of School Pictures

Bringing you photos of the first day of school... on the third day of school!  These two handsome studs started 4th and 2nd grades on Monday.  Levi was a little nervous Sunday evening, but didn't show any inhibitions come morning.  They were so excited!  Both boys were up, showered, dressed, and ready for breakfast by 7:10AM.  I am so glad they love their routine; it makes mornings go so smoothly.

This year, Levi has Mrs. Casperson.  She's a sweet and typical type A teacher who will hopefully teach Levi how to be organized and responsible this year.  I have no doubt Levi will have fun with all his friends and succeed in whatever he puts his mind to this year!

Jed has Mr. Butler and I am thrilled.  His teacher is going to be teaching the kids through reverse engineering this year... something I know Jed is really going to enjoy!  I think this teacher is going to be the perfect fit for Jed this school year.

 ^^We really need to work on our portrait skills.  Watch out, boys!  I'm going to corner you into getting some portraits worthy of framing soon!^^
 ^^Walking to the bus stop together.  The bus is definitely social hour for these kids; they love it.^^

Below is Conrad's first day of daycare photo... wearing whatever was clean!  Haha.  I'm trying something new this Fall.  I signed Conrad up for daycare two days a week.  These childless hours will allow me to GET ALL THE THINGS DONE.  I hope anyway.  I'm determined to organize and deep clean the house (it's beyond terrible, guys) and keep up on my editing as the busy family photography season arrives.  I've already booked more sessions this Fall than I ever have.  It's going to be a crazy eight weeks of shooting and a couple more weeks of editing, but I'm determined to survive without losing too much family time, sleep, or sanity.  I would love to see Rock Creek Photography become a business that can contribute to our household income.  I really do love it.  So this is my solution.  I'm hoping that the two days of concentrated work I do will allow me to really enjoy Conrad the three days it's just the pair of us together.

So far, Conrad seems to be adjusting well and I am already busting out projects from start to finish.
^^Always wielding a camera, just like Mama.^^

I love you, boys!  I know you have so much potential to do good in the world.  Stay sharp, work hard, and make someone else's day better.

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  1. Oh man, that daycare thing should help a ton! And one of these years, it's my dream that you'll do our family pictures---hopefully next year!


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