June in a Dozen Short Paragraphs

^^My bare chested boys of summer!  Procrastination at its finest.  They didn't want to read or practice, so they raided my craft closet.  I helped them make the headbands.  Then they promptly went off to "war" in the backyard.  But first, a picture.^^

June in a Dozen Short Paragraphs (ish)

1.  I WON a $100 gift card to Maverick from a drawing!  Pretty cool.

2.  Levi hit Jed in the head with a two by four.  Kid has a temper.  No worries, Jed is okay and probably partially deserved it.

3.  My hormones are all out of whack again.  I know because I have felt abnormally stressed and have a very short temper the week before I start my period.  Then I feel relief when it finally starts.  (At least I recognize the severe mood swings, right?)  It means I am hopping back on birth control, bringing a year and a half stint of trying for a fourth baby to an end.  It's really bittersweet, but feels like the right thing?  I think.  Secondary infertility is the pits.  My friend Danielle empathized with me and told me that it's okay to mourn that loss, that dream.  Bless her.  I could have kissed her and cried; she understands.

Slowly, I think I am learning to trust God and His plan for me, to be content with what I've been given.  Three healthy boys are more than enough to fill my motherhood cup!

^^These are all from an afternoon of playing in the hose in the backyard.  Conrad is learning to hold his own among his big brothers!  I love that he was able to take control of the sprinkler a couple of times and spray Jed and Levi!  Haha.^^

4. Three weeks in to summer and I think we've finally hit a rhythm.  It includes staying up too late and sleeping in past 8AM.  It might also include too much TV in the afternoons.  But whatever.  The boys are helping out more and things are finally going a little smoother than they were.

5. Conrad is my little ray of daily loving sunshine.  He often climbs into my lap to give me the fiercest hugs.  Oh, he feels so good to hold!  His hugs are almost always accompanied by some kisses and the sweetest phrase, "I like you mommy!"  Am I the luckiest woman alive?  Pretty much.

^^Warming up and eating some snacks in the dappled evening light.  I'm such a geek.  I love the light, every night.  The light is golden and looks like it shimmers when the leaves move in the breeze.  I love summer!^^

6.  Loving on my rose bushes lately.  ALL THE VIBRANT COLORFUL BLOOMS ARE AMAZING!

7.  Levi flipped his brother off while we were at the pool.  I turned around to see this short middle finger sticking straight up in the air from a miniature hand.  Where did he learn that?!?  Honestly, I was simultaneously appalled and amused.  He said he did it just to, "piss Jed off".  Well, it worked!  Lol.  I told Levi that the gesture was absolutely unacceptable and to get out of the pool for a full five minutes.  Turns out, he ate everybody's snacks, including his own, so it was just time to call it a day and go home.  A good mom knows when to quit, right?

^^Morning reading with Misty.  Jed loves that puppy so much.  He really has a sweet special spot for animals.^^
^^We had a lot of fun visiting the splash pad in downtown Twin Falls for the first time one morning.  Levi was even able to take the GoPro for a minute and take some pictures with me in them!  Yay!  It was followed by nachos at Café Rio.  One of those equally enjoyable and exasperating days out with the kids, if you want the truth.  But I'll probably just remember the good stuff from these pictures.^^

8. Misty ate the mail.  She has also chewed up a lacrosse stick, two ski boots, all my flowers, and countless sippy cups and water bottles.  She even chewed through her own leash in less than ten minutes one evening.  The puppy is a sharp toothed beast!

But on the other hand, Misty and Tyke are the best examples of what enthusiasm for exercise looks like.  Tyke suddenly becomes half his age when we load him into the back of the truck with the bikes; he is so excited.  Misty barks happily as she runs down a single track trail.  It's really cute!  She's also learning to stay on mine and Bron's left side as we run.  Be prepared though, she'll pull you along at a pretty fast pace!  

^^Flying kites in the backyard on a windy day.^^
^^Roasting dinner over a fire during one of our Sunday evenings spent in the South Hills.^^
^^Note the shirt and underwear discarded in the grass.  Another day.  Another naked toddler playing in the water in the backyard.^^
^^Spray Mommy!^^

9.  I hired a babysitter one Saturday to accompany Bron on a day trip up past Stanley, Idaho to check out a trail he was thinking of mountain bike riding with the young men for their annual high adventure trip.  You guys, it was epic!  The trail had an uphill grind and a technical beginning (which I actually appreciated) but then it just opened up into this fast paced smooth single track that crossed fields of flowers with views of snow capped mountains.  It was amazing!  I'm jealous Bron got to go back the next week and ride it again.  Idaho is so underrated.  I hope it can stay that way.

Also, have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE mountain biking?  It's the bees knees; I can't get enough. 

10.  When Bron was gone camping with the youth for four days (They got snowed on.  Brrr!), I stayed up extra late and slept in.  It meant that the boys crawled into bed to cuddle with me in the mornings.  I liked starting the day that way.  I think it made us all pretty happy.  This house can be full of so much love!

^^We enjoyed an evening at Nat Soo Pah with Bron!  Conrad showed his dad all of his stunts, like fearlessly jumping off the diving board and careening head first down the waterslide because it's faster.  (The latter is totally against the rules!  Haha.)^^

11.  Conrad has been sleeping with his big brothers in their room at night and it's been working surprisingly well!  We set up his old crib mattress on the floor with his pillow and blankets and Mickey Mouse doll.  It's the shortest cutest thing.  I really do feel that sharing a room strengthens sibling bonds.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll become a permanent thing.

11.5.  Yup, still taking on photography clients and spending way too much time prepping for my calling as Primary Chorister at church.  Both are kinda fun though. 

 ^^Chugging milk from the jug.  This wasn't the first time.  I know, we're in trouble.^^
^^Levi's version of a box drink.  It's become a sort of afternoon tradition to make up a smoothie in the blender and drink it outside in the sunshine.^^

12.  When I don't feel like cooking (Or doing more dishes.  C'mon, let's get real, I am drowning in dishes this summer.), we head to Tacos Dona Vero, also known as The Taco Truck.  Those little street tacos taste sooo delicious!  And the way Conrad exclaims, "Taco truck!" is simply the cherry on top.

BONUS: If you don't know who Jody Moore is and been listening to her podcasts, check her out stat!  They're gold.  (I feel like I'm late to the game.  My cousin introduced me in May.)  I love plugging in my headphones to listen while I work around the house.  It gives my mind something to productive to mull over.  Now if only I can learn to successfully apply what she teaches...    


  1. This is Torrie but I'm too lazy to sign out of my husband's account. Infertility is so hard, no matter when it strikes. I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

    You're looking so trim in these pictures! All that mountain biking and ketlebell lifting and kid chasing is showing! And btw, I love the site redesign! It looks great.

  2. Im so sorry about the infertility issues and will be praying that the right plan is being laid out for you!

    I've definitely found as I hit the mid-30s that my mood swing pre-period are so much worse. My sis in law swears by essentials oils and I have been using them more often and maybe it is just the placebo effect but I think it has helped. (We are done with kids but I didn't want to go on birth control fo some other reasons so was open to anything that could get it under control!)

    Also love that conrad has been sleeping with the big boys. All 4 of mine sleep in the same room on weekends and all summer long. I will definitely miss it when that isn't the coolest thing ever.

    As always, amazing pics!


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