It's Baseball Season!

We are right smack dab in the middle of baseball season with two evenings a week preoccupied with games!  Jed and Levi are on the same machine pitch team this year.  Unlike many of their friends, neither of my boys have become fixated on any one particular sport.  They're just out there to have fun!  (And if we're really being honest, Levi is there for the treats afterwards.  Haha.)  It definitely feels like we're the odd ball family in our little town when it comes to baseball.  What?  They're not dressed to the nines baseball pants?  But I'm okay with that.  Jed and Levi will eventually hone in on their own interests and passions, and when they do, Bron and I will be all in to support them.

This season, both Jed and Levi love to play catcher.  I've watched them excitedly volunteer as their teammates shrink away.  Jed has also improved so much since last year; it's fun to watch him swing that bat.

Finally, Moms, please tell me your kids look like this in the dugout too?!  These boys just can't seem to sit still.

^^Levi playing catcher.^^
^^Kimberly has that All American small town feeling in the summer.^^

^^Levi ready to swing that bat!^^
^^Conrad wandering around the park with our neighbor Luke and their dog, La-Lloyd.  (If you watch/read Ninjago you know what I'm referring to.  Lol.)^^
^^Conrad helping himself to a drink from the fountain, er, I mean water faucet.^
^^Excited to be putting on the catcher gear again!^^
^^Showing off or being a goof ball in his own world?^^
^^Jed at bat!^^
^^Conrad watching the game with Dad.  Yup, Conrad went through three outfits in one evening!  That means 1. I am one awesomely prepared mom and 2. Conrad is BUSY!^^
^^I can't remember if they won their game or not, but Jed and Levi were good enough sports to humor me for a couple of pictures.^^

Keep playing hard and having fun, boys!

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