A Day at the Zoo on Summer Solstice

Summer solstice.  I kind of wish we actually celebrated the day like it's a holiday because I love summer that much!  I love how it's still light outside til nearly 10PM.  I often lose track of what time it is and realize we should have eaten dinner two hours ago.  The boys are going to bed late and sleeping in.  We're not keeping to an exact schedule anymore; meaning I need 20 extra minutes to get anywhere on time.  Haha.  Our pace has finally slowed a bit.  The boys are enjoying less expectations and stress with the absence of school and I am enjoying all this extra free time with them just soaking them in, even if it does include more chaos from time to time because summer also means cuddles in bed, trips to the pool, and time to talk and to listen.  Ultimately, summer is time together as a family and more outdoor adventures, two things that make my heart and soul happy.  I love summer!

On June 21st, the longest day of the year, the boys and I made a quick day trip to Boise to visit my mom and brother.  Conrad was so excited to visit, "Gramma Kelley house!"  We enjoyed a really fun afternoon exploring Zoo Boise where Conrad took his time oogling over every animal and exhibit.  Two year olds are the best to take to the zoo!  I was glad to see that Jed and Levi haven't outgrown the excitement of it either; they actually started reading the signs and educating themselves a bit!

Afterwards, a child must have left the car door open or something because I had to find help from someone to jump my car!  But it all worked out.  We ate pizza for dinner and the kids had a blast riding down my mom's sloped driveway.  Good times and good memories.  Thanks for letting us come visit, Mom!

 ^^I spy Jed in the window!^^
 ^^Levi excited to see the snow leopards!^^

I brought a stroller for Conrad just in case.  Totally did not need it.  He has endless energy and enthusiasm.  He ran from exhibit to exhibit.  He even tried "opening" the glass windows to get a closer look at the animals!

I'm a little obsessed with capturing the contrast between light and shadow this summer, so capturing Conrad playing in the "prairie dog tunnel" at the zoo made my photographer heart pretty happy.

^^My mom and brother, Michael.^^
^^This tortoise is estimated to turn 100 years old next year!^^
^^Having so much fun feeding the goats!^^

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