The Close of Summer

Summer time is coming to a close.  It is always so bittersweet for me.  A part of me is ready for the boys to be back in school, to acquire a routine again, to enjoy some quiet during nap time, and for the boys to gain some space from each other (read: fight less).  I'm also looking forward to all things Fall: sweaters, colorful leaves, pumpkins, and baking in the kitchen.  

But the commencement of school also means less adventuring together as a family, less freedom to do things on our own timetable, and most alarmingly, that February is on its way.  Eeew.  Plus, the start of the school year also means the boys are getting older.  First grade will inevitably make Levi grow up so much.  The thought breaks my heart a little bit.  

Looking back on the last few months though, I know we made the best of our summer together.  I have no regrets.  We definitely lived life to its fullest.  And that fact makes me very, very happy.

We took one last trip to Bass Lake today.  Since Twin Falls already started school, we pretty much had the place to ourselves!  What a dreamy way to end summer.  

 ^^I am kind of obsessed with capturing all three boys in the frame together.  It just feels so special to me.^^
 ^^My favorite set of toes.^^
^^Conrad's favorite "toy" at the lake: the faucet.^^
^^Fishy Jed^^
^^Spoiling them with lunch for the café.^^
^^Little tease, getting my hat all wet and sandy!^^

Thanks for being our personal oasis in the desert, Bass Lake.  We love you!

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