Third Baby Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

^^The bump at 31 weeks^^

It is approximately a mere eight weeks (maybe less!) until we meet baby boy number three! I have so many thoughts and feelings about this pregnancy floating around in my head. Although this has probably been the hardest pregnancy physically, it has actually been the easiest in every other way.

Part of it may be because mine and Bron's relationship usually takes a dip during pregnancy, but this time, it hasn't.  We've met in the middle this third time around with lots of communication and understanding.  Plus, we understand that pregnancy is definitely temporary!  It has helped morale a lot.

However, I think the real reason this pregnancy has been so great is that we're truly thankful to be bringing another baby into the family!  This pregnancy isn't being taken for granted.  We prayed two long years for this baby; two years of tears and emotional lows... which is why this pregnancy feels so so incredibly sweet.  He is so wanted. This baby's kicks and rolls inside my tummy mean the world to me. They're like little Morse code messages telling me he's all right from the inside.

I am really enjoying this big 'ol bump out front.  I'm wearing it like a badge of honor because I know I am really going to miss this one day.  No, I won't miss the pains and awkwardness or exhaustion, but I will miss being a part of a miracle that is much much bigger than myself.  How amazing is my body that it's facilitating the growth of another human being?!  I feel like pregnancy is a special privilege.  And if I'm really being honest, the anticipation of meeting our son is half the fun.  It's exciting and life-altering.  I really cannot wait to meet our baby boy!

^^There's nothing like seeing teeny tiny clothes all freshly folded in a drawer to make Baby's arrival feel real!^^

Now to document some details...

How far along: 32 weeks plus a few days.

Size of baby boy: Approximately 18 inches long and four pounds heavy, although considering how my body grows baby boys, he's probably longer and heavier.  (But I'm still holding out for my "light" eight pounder!)  In fact, at my last doctor appointment, we started putting together a tentative birth plan.  I'll have another ultrasound done around 37 weeks to estimate baby's weight.  If he's projected to be over 10 pounds, it's standard procedure to go ahead with a C-section because the risk of shoulder dystocia is much higher.  As much as I do not want to a have a C-section, I will do anything to have a healthy baby.  However, it is not unrealistic to hope for a delivery similar to Levi's: he was induced a week early.  So keep your fingers crossed and send up a little prayer for me!  Bron gave me the sweetest priesthood blessing a few weeks ago and I'm still holding on to that promise for a safe and smooth delivery, however that may need to be.

Weight Gain: We're not going there.  A lot.

Stretch Marks: Probably a few.  Also, I can now see all the blue veins spread across my belly like a road map.  Cool.

Maternity Clothes: Yes!  Everything I wear these days is maternity.  Sometimes I wear Bron's shirts too.  However, everything, including Bron's shirts, is becoming snug or short!  I'd like to buy another pair of maternity jeans but just can't justify the cost for the amount of time I'll be wearing them. 

Favorite Moment: Every evening when I sit down on the couch to relax with Bron, Baby Boy starts moving.  I can feel his little heel in the upper left of my stomach.  Even better, we can see it.  One night last week I pushed on his little foot and he pushed back!  We did this back and forth for quite a while.  It was like we were communicating.  Or else I was really annoying him.  Ha!

Symptoms: Online shopping for baby gear and clothes.  If you ask Bron, he'd say it's gotten out of hand.  But I just can't help it.  This is most likely going to be my last baby and I just want it all!

Folks often ask how I'm feeling, but I don't think they really want to know.  I'm feeling pregnant: big and round.  I am settling in to the long and very uncomfortable last weeks.  I've been using pregnancy as an excuse for everything from why the house is cluttered to why I am sooo tired.  Unfortunately, it's not really an excuse.  It's legitimate!  Bending down over and over to pick up toys and clothes off of the floor makes me want to puke.  (I direct the boys to do that now.)  It seems to take me five times longer to get anything done.  Or maybe more accurately, I just can't do as much in one day as I used to.  It's hard to breathe.  I can't stand on my feet for any extended period of time because of pelvic swelling and pain.  Bron actually brought a folding chair into the bathroom for me to sit on while I apply make-up and blow-dry my hair.  It's so nice.  I suffer from occasional constipation, but luckily that's easily remedied by chugging a glass of prune juice.  Gross.  Oh!  And I have to hold on for dear life during some braxton hicks contractions as I desperately try not to pee my pants.  Haha.  So yeah, a lot of the typical third trimester stuff.  It's loads of fun!  But I really can't complain too much.  I've been blessed with a very healthy and complication-free pregnancy.

Sleep: Sleeping like a rock with a pillow under my belly and a knee on top of the pillow.  I only get up to use the bathroom once (sometimes twice) a night.  

Food Cravings: Chocolate ice cream.  I asked Bron to pick me up another carton.  He asked if I'd had a bad day.  "No," I replied.  "I just really want some."  He laughed.  But seriously, that creamy brownie goodness just hits the spot!

Funny Story: I was helping Levi out of the car at the store last week when a man walked by towards his friend who was loading a bunch of stuff up into the car next to us.  I noticed the man was staring at me in the strangest way.  So I did what was natural: I looked him in the eye and said 'hi' as we passed by.  He awkwardly gushed, "I saw you from behind and I thought, 'D@#*, she's hot.' But then you turned around and you have this huge belly!"

I laughed.  "I'll take that as a compliment," I replied.

"You've got to be due any day, right?"

"No, I still have two more months," I said patting my belly.

"No way!  Is it twins?"

"Nope.  There's just one in there."

Poor guy was flustered and rambled on.  I, however, couldn't help laughing.  He had just stuck his foot in his mouth about three times in less than thirty seconds!  Classic 'what not to say to a pregnant lady' moment.


  1. You look great, friend! So happy for you.

  2. YOu look gorgeous Jessie! I'm so happy for you!

  3. You look gorgeous! That outfit is perfect!

  4. Haha! I love the story about the guy checking you out. You still got it! ;)


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