Snapshots and a Few Stories from Lately

Life has been humming along this September.  Levi and I enjoy our {mostly relaxed} days together doing laundry and reading stories and just getting stuff done: like making caramel apples for lunch!  We've gone to regular doctor appointments and followed them up with little dates together.  We saw Pete's Dragon in the theater one day, ate a picnic lunch at the historic Stricker Station another day, hit up the Herrett Museum last week, and of course, have gotten some ice cream.  From the backseat Levi said, "Mom, you're the prettiest!"  It made my day.  I think he's the cutest!  My four-year old companion is the best.  And I am so glad I have him.  We're really soaking in this one-on-one time together while it lasts.

However, once Jed gets home at 3:50PM, it feels like life all of a sudden speeds up to 100mph.  We scramble to fit in all that needs to be done before bedtime: homework, dinner, soccer, showers, ukulele practice, and mutual for me...  It's exhausting!  Both Jed and I are still adjusting to this new schedule.  (Ohhh, the tantrums!)  As fun and good as soccer is, we're both looking forward to mid-October when it's all over and Jed can have some time to unwind and just play like a kid--well, for an hour or two.  And don't get me started on school and homework.  Sooo much homework for a little guy!  Jed has come a long way since school started and I see progress weekly and even daily in his schoolwork and behavior, but wow has it been a stressful few weeks working with his teacher trying to figure out what works best for our first grader. 

This new journey into big kid territory has left me feeling helpless at times!  BUT it also makes me all the more grateful that I get to return to newborn territory in less than two months. Then I can fix all of someone's problems with a fresh diaper and my boob.  :)  Though I'm nervous the combination of exhaustion for caring for a baby and helping my first grader just might kill me.  However, a friend reminded me that if it isn't one thing, it's another.  So I'm trying to roll with the punches and just enjoy the ride!

A few pictures and stories from around the house to document:               

Teamwork!  Backyard apple picking with Kyle.  These two four year old neighbors have become inseparable (and mischievous) peas in a pod since school started.  So I put them to "work" for me one afternoon. I think this picture tells the whole story!  Hehe.  ^^Look carefully in the tree!^^

It feels like Fall. So we made an apple pie and Levi was my sous chef.  He proudly helps me in the kitchen nearly every day.  I'm eating it up, both literally and figuratively. 

Saturday morning breakfast. I still leave the window open at night and the air gets quite cool. So we sit snuggled up under robes or blankets. It feels good.

Jed's first true art masterpiece.  It's hanging in his room now.  I'm really impressed with how well it turned out!  He's a creative soul, just like his mama.

I wanted to document something mundane but beautiful about motherhood, something I do nearly everyday.  So I set up the camera on the counter with the self-timer and captured this: helping Levi wash off his sticky face and chest in the sink.

Last Sunday was one of the best Sundays of the year: The Primary Program!  These two handsome studs rocked it.  They knew every word to their favorite "Armies of Helaman" song.  Jed made sure to wave to us from the stand.  (So cute!)  There was a moment when we all held our ears, waiting for Jed to announce his part loudly.  But he didn't; it was perfectly sweet.  Levi, on the other hand, made everyone laugh when he spoke into the mic.  He's just a pint size ball of charisma and energy.   

We got a couple of inches of rain in just two days!  It was much needed.  The cold and wet made me want to stay in my pajamas and bake.  Levi, however, preferred to splash in the puddles.  And then he requested some hot chocolate.

Some Short Highlights:

1. A few weekends ago I got to tag along with Bron and some of his co-workers to the Boise State Vs. Washington State game at BSU!  We dropped the boys off at my mom's house (Thank you, Mom, for letting us crash last minute!) and stayed out well past midnight.  It was so much fun.  I'm not a huge football fan, but I do enjoy the game atmosphere and spending some quality time with the love of my life.

2.  Bron and the boys made me breakfast in bed one Saturday morning.  They brought me bacon, toast, and eggs!  After a long busy week, it felt wonderful to be taken care of instead of being the one taking care of everyone else.  Bliss!  On Sunday morning, Jed decided to carry on the tradition all by himself.  I wandered into the kitchen in time to see him smearing a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey, just for me.  Sweet, thoughtful boy.

3.  Levi is a hoot these days.  Four year olds are so funny!

* One day at lunch, Levi had two cups at the table.  "This one is burpy," he claimed.  "And this one is polite!"  He drank from one cup and burped.  Then he drank from the other and just grinned.

* "Levi," I asked one day while cleaning up around the house, "what did you use to stick this drawing to the wall?"
"Glue!" he responded.
Oh, of course.  Very logical.

* We were driving home past farmers' fields when Levi suddenly blurted out, "CARN CROPS!"  It was so random that it caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud.  That made the boys slap silly as they began labeling everything we passed: "HOUSE CROPS!"  "COW CROPS!"  And now it's officially a family joke wherever we go.

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  1. Such a busy season of life isn't it? That reflection of Levi's umbrella is a gorgeous picture!


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