Flying Airplanes

Flying airplanes! I think I needed this more tonight than the boys did. I feel like there's so much to squeeze inside those precious hours between 3:45 and bedtime: snack, homework, sports, dinner, shower... there's just not enough time to play! Well, today homework went quickly and smoothly, so we headed outside with some new toys.

There was a sad and frustrated moment when Levi said he just couldn't do it, not like Jed!  Poor kid.  It's tough to be the younger brother and not be able to throw or keep up as well as the big brother.  But Jed, being the caring kid that he is, came around and showed Levi the "secret" tricks to throwing his plane high and far too.  He must've been a good teacher because Levi's frown suddenly turned upside-down!

^^Lost in thought and imagination.^^
^^Airplane wars!^^

Jed was flying like a pro in no time!  He suddenly looked so big and confident to me, stepping into his throw and letting the plane just take flight.  And yet, he's only six.  It's like Jed still has one foot planted in innocent early childhood and another foot stepping into new territory as an independent big kid.  It's a stage I'm honestly still adjusting to!  But no matter, first grade looks good on him, don't you think?
^^Coming to me for airplane repairs after a nose dive crash.^^
^^"Let's fly our planes over the hay stack!" Of course one got stuck up there and had to be rescued.^^
^^Jed helping Levi get his airplane down off the hay stack.^^

Here's to many more fun afternoon mini adventures to trump the monotony of homework and blah of every day life!

P.S. A lot of folks have asked where I bought these airplanes.  Well, Bron and I found them on clearance at good 'ol Target late one date night a few weeks ago. We couldn't possibly pass up $3 planes!


  1. AMAZING Jessie! Those boys are so incredibly lucky to have you as their mom. Those planes are seriously awesome! Makes me wish we had big opens spaces for my girls to do them hahaha

  2. That picture of sad Levi slays me! Sweet, sweet boy

  3. I agree- there just isn't enough time for play! Makes me sad. I'm glad you found an evening to enjoy some fun. You do such a great job documenting your boys childhood. The smiles AND the tears. It's always inspiring to see.


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