Oh, the Places You'll Go... to the Bathroom

Hahahahaha!  Joke is on me.  Hi.  My name is Jessie.  I'm a mom of a two year old and I clean up bodily waste.  All day.


:: Levi awoke me with cries that he had poop running down his leg.  Of course, I helped him waddle to the shower.  But THEN, I found a gigantic turd sitting in the middle of my living room carpet.  Gross.  And Jed was sure to point out all the other tiny pellets scattered throughout the house for me.  Ah, thank you, Jed. 

:: While sitting at the breakfast table, Levi decided to get up and walk outside.  He pulled his pants down right there on the front stoop and peed a huge puddle onto the cement... right where everyone steps to come knocking at our door. 

:: During my quick twenty minute workout, Jed came to me hollering that Levi had just peed in their bedroom.  Indeed, Levi knew better than to pee his pants or wet his bed, so he had stood on the top bunk and proceeded to pee on the bunkbed ladder.  Seriously, not much else was wet; the ladder was just dripping in urine.  I honestly wasn't sure whether to be mad or laugh! 

:: I was cleaning up in the kitchen after our picnic lunch when Levi came to the door and announced he had pooped on the front lawn.  (Familiar story!)  


Potty training is supposed to end someday, isn't it?!?  I feel like this is all I do: I'm turning in circles wiping bums, grabbing a new pair of pants, throwing a load into the washer...  In his defense, Levi really has been coming along. It just feels like as we take one step forward in potty training, he takes two steps back the next day. I have to keep reminding myself that Levi is only two and a half. He WILL get this eventually. Right?! Right?!  I sure hope so.

Someday we'll laugh long and hard about these potty stories!


  1. Haha! Boys sure are a different kind of creature from girls, aren't they? I'm sure he'll outgrow it and now when he's older you have documented proof of embarrassing stories to tell his future wife. Although you never know with boys... They may never be embarrassed by their bodily fluids. :)

  2. Hahahaha but how can you be mad when you have that face to look at?!? I thought potty training Hadley was bad enough... You've got me nervous for boys...


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