How We Partied for Jed's 5th Birthday

With all that's been going on personally and emotionally, I am grateful for the chance I got to put all my efforts and energy into celebrating the life of this awesome kid who made me a mother.  A worthy distraction indeed, and a reminder of just how blessed I truly am.

We began Jed's 5th birthday celebration a couple of days early.  On Thursday afternoon, Bron, Levi, and I loaded into the truck and picked Jed up from the bus stop.  We simply told Jed we were going into town for a special birthday surprise.  Boy, was he bursting with excited anticipation... until Levi told Jed that we hadn't packed Jed's bike into the truck with the rest.  Then Jed got all worried!  Little stinker.  Once we pulled into the bike shop however, it wasn't long before Jed was all happy smiles again.  He was getting a brand new bike for his birthday!!!

The boys settled on a black and blue 20" Trek.  It still makes me do a double-take to see my little boy on something so big, but he rides the bike with confidence.  Plus, he is much faster with those big wheels!  Needless to say, Jed is head-over-heels in love. 

^^All smiles after his first test ride.^^
^^Anxiously watching as the store owner replaced the original tubes with slime to prevent flats.^^
^^Admiring the new purchase in the back of the truck.^^

Then we headed to the park for a family pizza picnic and bike ride.  Not five minutes after arrival, Jed was testing out his new wheels on the grass when he suddenly turned and went careening head first into the ditch with a foot of water.  Jed did his first endo!  I thought for sure we were going home, but Jed insisted on climbing back on his new bike.  Jed wasn't going to let a little 'ol crash get the best of him!  I helped Jed climb into a pair of too small but dry pants from the truck and he rode until his legs gave out.  He was so excited and determined!  That's my boy.  Bron and I had a ton of fun just watching him and trying to keep up.  What an awesome family night out!    

^^Taking on the big grassy hill!^^

Saturday was Jed's big day: officially five years old!  His party started at 1PM and he could hardly stand the wait.  We invited three of our favorite family friends over for burgers, games, presents, and cake.  The day was overcast and a little rainy, but we partied hard anyway.  The kids were all so busy playing and we grown-ups were enjoying the conversation so much that no one left till dinnertime.  It was an absolute party success. 

Jed insisted on having a "rocket cake".  I have no idea where the idea came from, but it's what he wanted, so it's what the birthday boy got.  (Thanks to Pinterest!  Haha.)  I've decided that I need to do one of two things: stick with frosting simple round and square cakes or take a cake decorating class.  Oh well.  Jed thought it was the bomb and that's all that really matters!

^^Eating lunch!^^
^^Game time!  We played the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Then each child received a candy necklace.  Total hit.  I love how easy little kids are to please!^^

Happy Five Years, Jed!  We love you so much and are proud of the smart, happy, silly, sensitive, and brave boy you've become.  We couldn't be happier to have you in our lives. 


  1. Perfect celebrations for Jed!! You guys seriously are the best parents! And I can't believe he's FIVE! Why do kids have to grow so quickly?!

  2. Look at that big boy on his bike! Happy Birthday Jed!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jed! I am so impressed with him on his big boy bike.. we still haven't gotten to two wheels yet.
    And that cake looks great.

  4. Happy 5th birthday Jed!! That sure is one special bike. What an awesome birthday celebration!


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