Spring Fever! Snapshots and Anecdotes of Life Lately

This week is Spring Break!  I can't believe Spring is finally here!  It kind of snuck up on me.  Once Christmas is over I have the mentality of just hunkering down to wait out the worst three months of the year.  And with the last few weeks being so unseasonably warm, I've been mentally prepping myself for another cold snap.  But it looks like March is going out like a lamb.  (I hope I didn't just jinx it.)  The birds are chirping, the flowers are pushing, and the trees are budding.  Bring on the sunshine and all the outside play we can muster!  I'm so excited.

But first, let's take a look at what we've been up to so far during this month of March.    

 ^^Since Jed learned to ride his bike without training wheels, we've been out nearly every afternoon practicing, riding circles around the driveway and up and down the street.  I don't mind!^^
^^The boys each got a special treat one afternoon because Jed learned to ride his bike and Levi pooped in the toilet!  Woohoo!  (Will potty training ever end?!?)  Oh, the things we celebrate as parents.  Haha.^^ 

Some days I'm not sure if this kid is going to live see his third birthday.  He is messy and stubborn and lazy and pushes all the limits relentlessly.  He is A LOT of WORK!   There was a really rough evening last week when Bron was out of town and I had just had it; I was exhausted and frustrated and Levi knew he was the main culprit.  But we settled down as promised for popcorn and a movie anyway.  Halfway through the show Levi climbed into my lap to cuddle.  As I held him close, Levi periodically turned to give me unsolicited kisses on the cheek.  "Love you, Mama," he whispered.  I melted to a puddle right then and there.  How could I possibly stay mad at that?!  I squeezed him and kissed those precious soft cheeks.  Levi is a living juxtaposition; I have never felt so drained and yet so filled by someone.  Levi knows exactly when to turn the sweetness on or when to ham it up.  It's a good thing too because sometimes it's the only thing keeping him from getting shipped off to Timbuktu.     

Jed is my little ray of sunshine but in a totally different way.  He's sweet and sensitive and surprisingly thoughtful.  He genuinely cares about how those around him are feeling.  "Mom, you happy?"  He's also a clown.  He says some of the funniest stuff!  And much to my chagrin he is always asking questions.  But what can I say?  He's an inquisitive and smart kid.  Right now he is completely absorbed in his Lego collection, putting them together in creative ways all day long.  He'd skip meals to keep playing with those Legos if he could!  He's my mini me in so many ways:  Who needs food when you're engrossed in something more interesting?  A routine is the only way to live life.  And waking up happy is natural!  Yeah, he's all mine.  And I'm proud to claim him.  Sometimes Levi demands so much of my attention that I'm afraid Jed gets lost in the everyday shuffle of things.  I hope Jed feels how deeply I love him anyway. 

^^I tried telling Levi that playing shirtless wouldn't improve his performance.  He ignored me.  He knew the cuteness bar had just been raised.^^
^^Dad is the fun storyteller!  Bron made up his own version to the children's classic.  He read, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Dad!  All I heard were giggles.^^

Beautiful morning light.  Along with the commencement of Spring have come the birds!  One of our favorite meal time activities has been watching the many birds out our big kitchen window come to drink from the fountain in the front courtyard.  Our favorites are the Doves and Red Robins.  Once we saw a wild pheasant!  Jed called it a peacock.  Hehe.

We ran some errands in town and I happened to have my camera in my bag with me.  (Something that I should do much more often!)  I was able to catch this special moment when the lady behind the register offered to give Levi a free balloon.  Sooo happy!

^^An extra fun evening playing at the park with friends!^^

Other Short Stories:

::  As a part of their bedtime routine, the boys insist that I sing a lullaby before kissing them goodnight.  Well recently, they've begun to sing along!  Their little off-tone voices are the cutest notes I've ever heard in my life.  It makes me smile from the inside-out.  Brief moments of pure joy right there.

::  We were all in the car one evening.  "I feel bloated and gross," I complained to Bron in the front seat.  "Why am I so bloated?"  "And gross!" Jed chimed in without missing a beat.  We laughed pretty hard over that one. 

::  Levi explained, "I get my sword and my shield and I fight the bad guys! ... That's meee!" he sang.  Folks, we have a superhero in the making.   


  1. I'm with you, so happy spring is here! I have been trying hard not to get too sucked into the nice weather too, afraid that we'll get a spring snow storm. However, it really does appear to be warming up to stay. Hooray!

    Your pictures are so fun. I don't get the camera out enough, and when I do those girls of mine move too fast for me to get a good shot! More practice I guess. I used to love Fun Dip as a kid! What a special treat for those boys!

  2. aww cuties. such great pictures.. i can see my boys playing like that in a few years time. a little envious of your warm days.. we still have snow on our yard.

  3. What cute little stories! I wish it felt like spring around here, but we just got two more inches of snow and ice yesterday. I love that your little guys are into playing superheros and legos and learning how to ride their bikes. I think we introduced the Wii too early because it seems that all my little boy wants to do these days is play computer games... Oh, the lessons we learn...


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