Monthly Photography Challenge: Motion

^^Jed and his friend Josh racing down the slide!^^

This month's photography theme was motion.  What a fun challenge, especially since I have two little boys that are always on the move!

When I photograph my boys at play, I like to freeze the moment by using a fast shutter speed as seen in these sledding pictures I took this winter.  I generally don't like blurry photos; they look out-of-focus to me.  But since these monthly photography challenges are about stretching myself, I decided to try something new.  I slowed my shutter speed and attempted to pan as Jed and Levi rode their bikes past me, hoping to catch a blurry background and little feet to convey movement in a single photo.  Miraculously, it worked!  I also packed my tripod to the park one evening.  I set up my camera to focus on the boys at the top of the slide and closed down my aperture a bit to ensure good focus.  Then I let the shutter fly!  And there you have it, four pictures compiled into one in Photoshop.  I think it looks kind of cool!

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  1. These photos are incredible! It looks like you'll be able to capture all the "in-motion" memories of your little guys at play!


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