6 Reasons I Did a Happy Dance This Weekend

1.  Spring flowers!  I found these little beauties blooming in my front yard the first week of March!  Yellow makes me happy, but yellow flowers just make me giddy.  {Happy Dance!}

2.  Daylight savings time began!  I know some folks are moaning over their lost hour of sleep, but I'm truly excited about the sun staying out with us longer in the evenings.  (Plus, for now, my boys are getting up at 8AM instead of 7AM.  Win!)  More daylight means more time to play.  Plus, the temperatures this week are supposed to reach mid-sixties.  We enjoyed our first picnic lunch of the year outside.  Bring on Spring and Summer!  {Happy Dance!}

3.  That sentimental moment when it suddenly hit me that I already have it all and my heart brimmed over with joy.  This weekend there were late night nightmare cuddles, early morning wake up calls, conversations about Mickey Mouse followed by a loud imitation of the hot dog song, hiding under blankets in the living room, whining and laughter, big messes of toys and liquids, and licking just the Nutella off toast at breakfast.  Bron asked, "Is it always this insane?"  "Yes," I replied with a laugh.  But I honestly wouldn't have it any other way (Okay, some days I might!) because this, these three sweet silly boys I live with, are my world and my happiness.  {Happy Dance!}

4.  A one hour couples massage!  Bron bought us a couples massage at a local spa for Valentine's Day.  It's actually something neither of us have done before.  Being so ticklish, I was a bit nervous, but our first full-body massage experience turned out to be so extremely relaxing and rejuvenating I can see us going again!  Every muscle in my body turned to jello.  Yesss.  {Happy Dance!}

5.  Pizza night with friends!  After our massages, Bron and I bought some pizzas, picked up the kids, and headed over to our friends' new home to let the kids play while we chatted the evening away.  We stayed out too late, but it always feels so good just to connect with some of Idaho's best people.  {Happy Dance!}

 6.  Practicing my violin for the annual Easter Cantata.  I didn't know my picture was in the local newspaper until somebody said something about it! (I was aware of the photographer last week though. I geeked out and asked him what kind of lens he was using. Haha.)  I love making music; it speaks to my soul and makes me feel alive in a way that nothing else can.  I especially love playing in the cantata each year because it gives me an opportunity to reflect upon my Savior, his Atonement, and his infinite love.  It just puts me in the right spirit for Easter.  {Happy Dance!}

^^I know, not the most flattering picture of me, but hey, it's proof that I still play my violin!^^


  1. I am with you.. i am so happy to have the sun out for an hour longer.

  2. Spring flowers! I haven't seen any around here yet but hopefully soon. :)

  3. I love getting couples massages. Your dad and I use to do it regularly when I was a member of this spa....they are the best! And reaching mid 60s? It was in the 80s last weekend here and this weekend, it is suppose to be in the low 90s. I am not looking forward to that.

  4. Yay for flowers, longer days, a couples' massage, and being featured in the local newspaper! I have a feeling this is just the beginning of your "happy dance." Enjoy my friend!


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