Two Superheroes in Training

This week I decided to forgo some of my regular chores to do something creative instead.  Two and a half nap times and the fiasco of the red thread later (Who knew spools of thread actually run out?  I thought they lasted forever!) and we have two imperfect--but totally worth my efforts--superhero capes. I'm kind of in love with these blue and red bath towels!  And with a short video of Martha showing me all the steps, it was easy peasy.  The boys saw the video with me and became so excited!   

So now Jed and Levi are ready to fly at lightning speed, smash through walls, take on the bad guys, and stop a rogue meteorite from its suicidal collision course with earth... or run around butt naked after a bath feeling free and unstoppable.  We'll see!    

^^I saw some flashes race through the kitchen this afternoon!^^


  1. I really love these. So cute! Yes, I never think about needing more thread, seems like it should last forever! Sad day when you run out.

  2. I love these capes. (I'd like to borrow one for work, so I can feel unstoppable too!) Seriously, what a fun idea; you should definitely film some of their superhero adventures :)

  3. These are awesome! And I love that they're dual purpose! I may have to put this on my list of craft projects to do!

  4. You are such an awesome mom!! I'm loooooving their capes! I bet they can't get enough of them!


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