Budding Independence and Snapshots of Life Lately

It recently occurred to me just how BIG my boys are getting.  They're certainly not babies anymore.  They just don't need me like they did a year, or even two years, ago!  It's liberating in some ways, but I've come to realize the demands are just different.  Two little boys still keep me on my toes!  Even though I often struggle to be the kind of mother I'd like to be from day to day (patience, Mama!) I still have an immense love for these two little dudes.  That love just overflows.  Like I said, the boys are growing up day by day, right under my nose.  They're trying and learning new skills.  It's so fun to see their budding independence blossom!

So to help us all along, I made up a simple chore chart.  And though we hardly ever get every single one of their chores marked off each day, it at least puts us all on the same page; both the boys and I know what's expected.  Jed is really into marking off his duties with a dry erase marker.  A win-win for everyone!

So to honor this milestone, I took a bazillion pictures to commemorate.  Enjoy!

 ^^Jed dropping in the chocolate chips for waffles one morning.^^
 ^^Levi can wash his hands all by himself!^^
^^Brushing teeth.  Mom gets a turn too.^^       
 ^^Yes, Jed can vacuum!^^
 ^^Almost ready for preschool.  For some reason, Jed prefers to wear his shoes on the wrong feet.  Hmm, whatever.^^
 ^^Nap time!  One of my favorite parts of the day.^^
 ^^One of their favorite activities: dancing to the player piano!^^
 ^^Late afternoon popcorn and a movie.  One of the boys' other favorite things to do this winter.  Notice Jed wearing one sock on and one sock off... Just like Dad!^^
 ^^My little dish washer helper.  Levi can put the silverware and kids' dishes away.^^
 ^^Caught red-handed, snitching!^^
^^The boys insisted on making sugar cookies one morning.  So they helped me make some!^^


  1. Your photos are stunning Jessie and your babies beautiful!

  2. Oh these boys make me so happy! Bennett also prefers his shoes on the wrong weird!

  3. the most precious little helpers ever!! and oh my, those golden curls! your photos of them are really beautiful! you will look back down the road and just love that these moments were captured so so so beautifully!

  4. It is nice to have helpers and a little more independence, isn't it? Keira insists on helping unload the dishwasher. It's always a little frightening when I turn around to see her holding a kitchen knife, I try to pull those out first now. :)

  5. No way!! Jed can vacuum? I can't wait until Mia can do some chores... you know, pull her weight around the house? I mean, that IS why we have kids, to raise little maids! HA! Kidding!! (Sorta!)
    Your boys are so awesome! I just know Mia would adore them! I hope we can meet someday!

  6. I can't get over Levi's curls!! So adorable!

  7. I have Lewie vacuum sometimes too; although, I usually do have to go over the same areas again myself. I was really proud of my little boy when he offered to snow shovel and then really worked hard to clear his area of the sidewalk. I haven't started providing an allowance, but I've been thinking about it... I have to do some mommy homework on the topic. (Yes, Lewie spends more time "sampling" the sugar cookies then helping me make them. Gotta love it!)

  8. Jed looks so grown up vacuuming. Handsome guy...come to think of it, he is going to be 5 this year. Wow. The first time i met him, he was only 9 months. Time flies.... and that photo of Levi words. Nothing more precious than a sleeping baby.


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