Jed's Gonna Be a Rockstar

Jed's dreams for playing the guitar have finally come true!  Isn't he the cutest little rockstar you've ever laid eyes on?!  His face is all grins when he holds that guitar.  I'm so excited for Jed.  

I've always planned on starting my children on a musical instrument at a young age (perhaps about age six) just as my mother did with me, but when Jed's preschool teachers expressed concerns about his fine motor skills and his speech, it hit me upside the head that he needed music lessons NOW.  I mean, what better way to learn to control those fingers and to listen than through music?  Plus, nothing can boost a kid's confidence than knowing he has a talent that few others have!  And if he can play without a tremor, then wow.  I will be so, so proud.       

So here we are jumping feet first into lessons.  I'll be honest, I'm a little anxious about how much work this will be on my part: practicing with Jed at least 15 minutes every single day.  (I remember my mom telling me I had to practice every day I ate!  Haha.)  It won't be long before Jed will start fighting me and complaining about practicing, but from personal experience, I know the rewards are well worth it!

So here's to high hopes and dreams about a young stud years from now who might be able to bust out some bluegrass music with his mom, or better yet, simply serenade us with his musical talent.  (Sigh.  I'd be a puddle on the floor.)

But for now... Jed's just struggling to learn the names of the guitar strings.  Wish us luck!   


  1. He looks so grown up with that guitar! And you're right, what a great way to work on those fine motor skills!

  2. That little guitar is so cute! I think that is fantastic, help him work on some fine motor skills while giving him something he can potentially become passionate about. My parents just got a piano and it's got me excited about possibly teaching Hailey some basics in the next year or two. I totally agree about the confidence boost. I think it is so important for kids to find something they excel at and love. I'm still trying to find my "thing", but I hope I can help my girls discover something they can focus their attention on.

  3. Jed! I am happy to know I have pictures with you before you are famous! Hehe!! Seriously, though, he has got the cool guitar pose down already! I am glad his little fingers are going to learn to play music. Can't wait to hear it! :-) Anna

  4. What fun! My son also had some problems with speech and fine motor skills (ages 3 & 4), but LEGOS really helped him with his motor skills. His speech became better through some biweekly lessons with his speech therapist (who taught him to pause his rambling mind from time to time). In any case, I think learning the guitar is an awesome way to help Jed. He looks so excited, and you're going to be a great teacher and role model for him. Whenever he shies away from practice, you can get your violin out to remind him what practice can accomplish... Good luck :)


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