Sun Valley

I didn't take very many pictures.  I was too busy having fun.

What do we do when life starts getting us down?  Go for a hike!

Bron has been extremely busy and a little stressed with work these past few weeks.  And me?  Well, my house is a mess, I'm sleep deprived, and my two year old throws level 10 tantrums all day long.  Intuitively, I knew it was time for a little stress reliever; a little getaway for the two of us to relax and reconnect.  Plus, now that I'm not pregnant, I've been itching to get out in the fresh air, explore something new, and have ourselves a little mini adventure.  So Saturday morning we dropped Jed off with a neighbor and drove two hours north to Sun Valley, where all the celebrities hang out.  It is BEAUTIFUL there; I've never been before.  The mountains and trees were gorgeous and the weather absolutely perfect.  There is so much to do there too; we barely scratched the surface.

Well, we didn't rub shoulders with any celebrities, but we did get up close and personal with the mountain.  We strapped Levi into the front pack (it reminded me of THIS HIKE we did when Jed was about the same age) and started up Bald Mountain.  Bron and I spent four hours on the mountain hiking, holding hands, engaging in meaningless conversation, and talking about what we want for the future.  It was the perfect mind-clearing stress relieving activity.

After our hike, nothing sounded better than a juicy burger so we headed on over to a local restaurant named Lefty's.  The burgers and monkey (spicy) fries hit the spot!  And then, of course, we had to make a pit stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a treat... and payment for our sweet neighbor who took care of Jed all day.  Who doesn't love a good slab of fudge?

Thanks Sun Valley for a beautiful day!  You betcha we'll be back for more.

 I enjoy holding my little companion close.  The constant rocking kept Levi asleep most of the afternoon.
I also love those smiles other women give me when they see such a tiny baby. 

Autumn is coming!


  1. Looks like a beautiful hike! I need to get out more, I have no excuses with these beautiful mountains right by me!

  2. How nice! That was a great idea to leave Jed with a friend! I don't know how far it is from you guys, but next year you should try to hike the Tetons! So pretty!


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