Snapshots of Life Lately

In no particular order, a photo purge.  Enjoy!

It's football season!  Bron is making sure our boys get an early education in the sport.//Chillaxin outside//Jed and cousin Leah playing in the fountain//I love holding my tiny baby//Levi 4 weeks//Precious sleeper//A little rough housing with Dad in the evening//"High!"//A post Sunday walk rainbow//Sunday afternoon nap//Watching cartoons on the iphone//Levi snoozing in the swing//Early morning entertainment from Jed//Big brother comforting his little brother with a pacifer//Brothers' first hangout//A smile!//The pose//My favorite picture of them all! 
 This is my life: Two Little Boys.
From the looks of it all, life has been treating us very well.

I am still in awe over this new tiny person that now lives with us.  I just can't seem to get enough of him.  Levi has been working on his smile and developing his voice.  It is so stinkin' cute!  He is becoming more alert and aware of his surroundings everyday.  He's growing right before my eyes.  I think I see one more little crease growing on his tiny thighs every time I change a diaper (which is more times than I can keep track of in a day).  Levi has been a perfect happy baby from day one... except in the evenings.  He tends to get quite fussy in the evenings.  I've surrendered my arms to him and leave the dinner dishes in the sink til morning.  But I don't love him any less.  In fact, it's my excuse to hold him and rock him until he falls asleep around 10PM.  The last few nights he's slept a solid four or five hour stretch!  I can't believe it.  I feel wonderful.  I thought the first night was a fluke; it's such a drastic change from getting up every 2.5 hours all night long and I'm grateful.  Levi, you will never know how much I love you.  I have every curve of your tiny face memorized.

Jed has been 2 parts drive me crazy and 1 part melt-my-heart cute.  I love that kid, I really do.  He makes me laugh and smile all day long, but he makes me want to pull my hair out too!  They say the terrible two's don't last forever.  I'm not sure I believe them right now.  However, Jed has started to take a genuine interest in Levi.  He likes to sit over Levi and play with his hand or shove a pacifer into his mouth.  Who knew love could be so rough?  Levi doesn't seem to care though.  He just looks at Jed with adoring eyes.  As their mother, I am enjoying what I see.  I hope they become good friends one day.

Other mothers warned me about how busy I'd be with two little ones.  They warned me about the hard days and crazy moments.  But they didn't warn me about how much I would actually enjoy this mothering gigue; how much pure JOY I would feel everyday.  Like today when I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  I was carrying Levi in my arms while putting lunch on the table when he smiled up at me.  He really smiled!  Over and over again.  I stopped what I was doing and we had a little "conversation".  It made everything I'd been concerned about wash away.  These boys of mine know just when I need a good hug or a genuine smile to lift my spirits.  Kids are awesome.

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  1. Oh my gosh your two boys are too cute for words! I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad I did- I love a good baby pic or ten ;) xo


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