It's time to lose the chub!  I had a wonderful excuse to let my exercise routine and eating habits slip while I was pregnant--and I thoroughly enjoyed it--but now it's time to get this booty back into shape!

Because Jed is six weeks old now and my body has had sufficient time to recover from the trauma of childbirth, I have begun an exercise routine.  I'm anxious to lose these extra 14 pounds I'm carrying around.  (That's two dress sizes in case you're wondering.)  I'm ready to pull my old clothes out of the closet.  I want to feel like a sexy woman again.

Have you ever tried to do a sit-up after having your stomach muscles stretched and pulled apart like barbequed pork?  I have.  It's HARD!  The first morning I simply couldn't do one without gripping under the couch with my toes and thrusting my arms forward in an effort to swing myself up.  I don't want to imagine what I looked like.  One word: PATHETIC.  Bron just happened to be home for a few minutes and I was his entertainment.  At least someone had a good laugh! 

And today, the first day I'm determined to go running, it rains.  It pours all night long.  So I'm resigned to using the treadmill.  The treadmill told me just exactly how pitiable I am.  The numbers spoke for themselves.  Running just one measly mile took over 10 minutes!  Ten!  And running two miles left me ready for a nap.  That's as far as I got.

It's so discouraging.  It's kind of sad when the beginner pilates video makes your muscles ache for days.  You see, last summer I could run five miles in well under forty minutes.  I used to do a load of sit-ups and pushups without a problem.  I was fit!  I felt good.  I loved it.

This new body of mine is going to take some getting used to.  I feel like I just survived puberty again. My hips are wider and I'm just not quite sure how to handle these nursing tetons. I had to wear two sports bras on my run.  Is it possible to regain some semblance of my former self?  Can I feel like that again, look like that again?  I think I might.  Slowly, but surely, I'm improving.  I will try to faithfully stick to the routine. 

Now if I can just lay off the ice cream...


  1. Oh honey.. I know exactly how you feel! and then by the time you get back to your former self and start to feel really good you'll end up finding out that you're pregnant again.. oh wait thats just me! haha. Just keep working at it and it'll come back!

  2. Ha ha ha!
    We're all with ya there but at least you get ON the treadmill. I just stare and think. . . I really should do that. :) Good luck!

  3. Haha. I love you Jess. I am impressed you were so ambitious after six weeks. I am just barely trying 10 months later. LOL. Give yourself a break. There is pride in the new body you have. I have a tummy pooooch but it kind of is like a war scar: I HAVE A CUTE BABY AND THE BODY TO PROVE IT! LOL.

  4. Don't worry Jessie. You'll get your body back just when you start getting used to it being bigger! When he turns 9 months, I'm sure you'll be as thin as you ever were!Like Nikki said, give yourself a break! :)


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