The Bath

So I’ve been trying to establish a bedtime routine for Jed. It begins with a bath.

Jed loves his baths. I love giving them. The warm water makes him quiet and alert, but also excited as he scoots and kicks. Best of all, the bath always ends with rewarding coos and smiles when I dry him in his big fluffy towel.

Well, Jed has outgrown the kitchen sink because he likes to use his legs and I’m waiting for the bathtub plug to be fixed upstairs. In the meantime, Jed has graduated to a stainless steel tub that I set on top of the kitchen counter. Yes, it’s the type used for livestock, but I bought it to use as decoration for our barn themed wedding reception. It looks very rustic, but it works great.

Sunday night as I was about to wash the suds from Jed’s hair, I suddenly saw some bubbles followed by a cloud of mustardy yellow. He pooped! Now if you know much about little baby poop at all you’d know that it’s runny, seedy, stringy, and yellow. It doesn’t float around as one consolidated blob. Instead, it spreads like fog. With one more blow from Jed, the entire bath was saturated in that mustardy yellow color.

“Help!” I called with a laugh. “I need an extra hand!”

Bron came in to see what was the matter and laughed too. Our solution was to lift Jed up out of the tub while Bron sprayed him down with the kitchen spray-hose. There. Crisis averted.

Last night it was bath time again and Bron was at a meeting. I had barely begun to wipe Jed down when I saw some bubbles followed by the tale-tell yellow cloud that spread like a plague.

“Ahhh! Not again!” I thought. “Note to self, don’t give Jed a bath between 8:00 and 8:30. Maybe that will help.”

I let Jed finish his business before I wrapped him in a towel and began emptying and filling his tub all over again.

Once again, I set Jed into the warm tub. I continued washing down his little body and had the soapy wash cloth on his back when I heard the bubbles. Again! And again there was that yellow cloud! And once again it spread throughout the entire tub! Was there any way to win this war on poop?

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. It was too funny. It seems that both the doctor’s office (whole other story) and baths work as a laxative for my little boy. At least his little system works well; I know he’s getting enough of momma’s milk. And as a bonus, we just saved a diaper!

Needless to say, I finished his bath in the kitchen sink. Wish us luck tonight!


  1. HaHa! Love it! There must be something about the nice warm water that makes him need to go. Just wait till hes older.. and then it gets clumpier.. and you didn't realize till after he did it and is playing with it and laughing that its there.. the joys of parenting right?

  2. Haha Jess yes at least you saved a diaper!! and at least he's not playing with his poop yet! just something to look forward to..hahaha

  3. Jed is turning out not just to be cute but very talented too! Every mother needs a good poop story or two in their arsenal to pull out when their babies become teenagers!

  4. HAHAHAHAA! Great story Jess. I guess Jed knows how to get more and more warm water. These boys are too smart for their own good. :) I love you girl. How are you holding up?

  5. question. How do you get those cute fonts on your blog?

  6. That is so funny! My little boy passed his first hard one in the tub earlier today! Hahaha! It must be something with the warm water and bright lights, who knows. Anyway, so fun to find you on blogger! We need to catch up!

  7. there will me many many more poop stories to come as well, just you wait. . . :)


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