Cascade Mountain

Bron had a rare Saturday off, so we decided to do something fun together. We determined to hike Cascade Mountain, one of the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks. The trail was like one giant staircase all the way to the top! My thighs felt like jelly. But we made it! In good time too because Bron takes on a hike like it’s an objective. A mountain is just a challenge to be conquered. When hiking, Bron and I don’t stop to take in our surroundings as often as we probably should. Instead, we charge right on up the trail! We figure a little pain just means we’re getting a good workout.

Almost there!

The peak was one giant rock. It was exceptionally windy, but the view was markedly beautiful!

It was Jed’s very first hike. Everyone on the trail stopped to fuss over him. Jed was the luckiest body of us all; he got the ultimate free ride to the top. Jed rode in the front carrier attached to Bron. The swinging motion kept our baby asleep almost the entire afternoon. And even though he wore a hat, Jed got more sun than I thought he would. Ooops!

Jed's very first hike

On long days like this when Bron and I have a lot of time to talk and just be together, we find our conversations turning to the same topic: our dreams for the future. Like Bron said, if we aren’t dreaming together then why in the world would we be together? I think I agree.

Bron and I have some steep hopes for the future. For instance, we would love to spend a summer in Europe or sail the Mediterranean Sea. Just us. In order for many of our dreams to come to fruition, we figure we need three things: 1. Money 2. Time and 3. Health. Well, we have the most important of the three: our health. We may be lucky enough to acquire one other part in our lifetimes, but to have all three might be just short of a miracle. Still, we dream anyway because we just could make it all happen. Who knows though, maybe our dreams will change with time.

But for today, I’m very happy where I am. Many of my dreams--like marrying the love of my life and becoming a mommy--have come true just recently. It’s definitely good enough for now.

We had a great day on the mountain.


  1. How beautiful! So glad that Jed did so well for you! We took our boys on a hike on Saturday too!

  2. Wow, so surprised you found me! My sister's email is


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