Our baby is one day over due.  It feels like Christmas came but Santa didn't.  The funny thing is, I've been feeling better than ever!  What in the world does that mean?

I waddled myself down to the maternity pen on the farm yesterday hoping to pick up some good vibes from the heifers there, but no one was calving at the moment.  Hmph.  Must've been a bad day for calving.  I think I'll try again today.


  1. I love you Jessie. Good luck.
    P.S. Brooke's going to San Diego for the summer and Ammon's graduating and has a job in Houston, TX and he's leaving Provo forever :(

  2. Oh, the waiting game! I'd make the most of it and spend a lot of quality time with the hubby!
    -I'm imagining you in my head surrounded by lots of pregnant cows! Too funny! :)

  3. haha! not feeling the vibes.. thats funny.
    The worse is waiting.. just keep walking, try some stairs (i hear those work) and eat some spicy food!

  4. He just loves you too much to come out. Lol. I hope he Comes soon for your sanity sake.

  5. Good luck! At least you'll have one healthy baby! Glad you're still feeling well.

  6. good thing! I freaked a little when your baby ticker thing says your baby is 6 days old!! hang with the cows a little more...their birthing vibes will make little Jed come


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