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The Belly from My Point of View

I am all baby!  I don't think this belly of mine can get any bigger, but it just might.  I'd like to think that my baby is putting on lots of good 'ol fat so that he will arrive in all his cute and plumpness glory in just a few days.  That thought is crazy!  Bron and I will be parents in just a few days' time.  I've become quite proud of this belly over the past months, but I'm ready to lose it now.  I'm ready to see my toes again.  I'm ready for a lot of things... and still a little anxious for others.  But I'm more excited than anything else!    

I've been going on a waddle (technical term for walk) every day around the farm.  By the end of the day, I can barely waddle across my own kitchen to prepare dinner.  Nobody told me how painful it can be when the baby finally drops.  Yes, I can breathe easier, but my pelvis feels like it is being ripped in two.  That's very uncomfortable.  However, I hear you say that it's all worth it.  I know.  This whole pregnancy thing hasn't been too bad.  I can't wait to see my baby!

So, Jed, if you're listening, we're ready the minute you are!

39 Weeks


  1. yay! you're almost done! i can't wait to be pregnant again. isn't that strange?

  2. Wow! You're getting so close! Those last few days can be hard! I love that first picture - very cool perspective!

  3. OH my gosh you look so good! Everywhere else is still so skinny! I hope I can be like that with only a couple days to go! I think about you and your baby a lot-wondering if you have had him yet! Good luck with everything, you are going to be awesome! I am jealous of how close you are too!

  4. This might be tmi but for me the pain ended up being a good sign...she came pretty soon after that started. Granted everyone's bodies are different, but it probably won't be much longer!!! Yay!

  5. you look So gorgeous! you haven't put on any weight except for your cute tummy! man...when i get pregnant, it shows all over my arms, thighs, neck, etc.

    i'm so excited to see pics of your little guy!

  6. I can't believe you're almost done! How exciting. I'm sure it will go really quick from here (but I won't say anything cause my first came 9 days late. . .) At this point you're probably just ready for the whole thing to get over with so you don't have to wonder/worry about it any more. Heads up though, despite how slow these last few days are the first month of having a baby is going to FLY by!

  7. You are so adorable! You have no extra weight anywhere but the basketball that is your baby! :) Jed will be here any day now- that's so exciting! Luckily, the labor should only last a matter of hours. And when it's over- you'll have your sweet baby boy! Time flies- so take as many pictures as possible. They'll remind you of all the amazing times you had with him (and when he gets a little older- they'll make you want another one...) Good luck with everything, and I can't wait to see pictures.

  8. You are so close! So exciting. You guys are going to be great parents! Can't wait to see pics of little Jed on your blog!

  9. You are so close! So exciting. You guys are going to be great parents! Can't wait to see pics of little Jed on your blog!


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