The Farming Game and Brunch

Saturday night we invited our friends, Anna and Roxanne, over for pizza and to play one of Bron's favorite childhood boardgames: The Farming Game.  It was a riot!  The night was a much needed distraction away from school and work for Bron.  He has the game board memorized.  Bron actually wound up winning close to midnight.  Yeah, it's that addicting!  

This morning, we girls crossed the border to eat brunch at this wonderful Canadian chain restaurant called Chez Cora's.  It's hands down the best breakfast I've ever had!  We had these delicious fruit smoothies in fancy cups, and everything was complimented with slices of fruit that looked more like an art-form!  It's an experience.

Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful weekend!  We will have to do it all again soon.


  1. Mmmmm! That breakfast sounds amazing! Tell Bron to bring that board game to our next reunion!

  2. I love the farming game! We used to play it when I was a kid. My brother still has a gameboard. It's a long, but fun game :)


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