West Side Story

It's the Sharks vs. the Jets.  "Womb to Tomb!"  "Sperm to Worm!"

I had a busy week!  Our community theatre performed the musical, West Side Story.  It's a racy tale of teenage angst, sex, and death accompanied by jazzy music, dancing, and singing. So much fun!  The performances were actually very well done.  There's surprisingly a lot of talent in our little area.  I was impressed!   

I was invited to play my violin in the pit orchestra.  Because rehearsals were every Sunday during church the entire month leading up to performance week, I was unable to attend practice until dress-rehearsals began last Monday night.  My reputation preceded me and I was placed right smack in the front as the concert master.  Oh.  Pressure!  That meant I had three days to learn over a hundred pages of music.  And West Side Story isn't exactly easy stuff to play either.  But I thrive under pressure.  I absolutely loved the challenge!  We had five performances between Thursday night and Sunday.  Fortunately, each performance was better than the last, both on stage and in the pit.  I went from playing about 90% of the material to missing only a few measures here and there.  I wish performances could've gone on for another week.  I really can't describe how much I truly enjoy playing my violin.  If I could get paid to sit in an orchestra pit, I'd become a workaholic!  Plus, there's just a spirit of comradery that makes a person happy when an entire community comes together, works hard, and pulls off something so well.  On top of that, I got to meet a bunch of really cool people.  I can't wait until next year!

35 Weeks

They say black is a slimming color.  However, no amount of black can hide this baby belly of mine!  My bulging tummy attracted a lot of attention. People tell me my pregnancy looks almost fake; like I just stuck a basketball under my shirt.  All I know is that this baby is definitely real and he will probably come out singing, "Mariaaa!"  He kicked up a storm during the loud pieces.  That was fun too.


  1. I love West Side Story. "anita's gonna get her kicks tonighhhhhhhht". You look really cute pregnant. I cant believe you are like a month away. Good luck with everything. You will be a great mom.

  2. I wish I knew how to play the violin. I guess I'll just have to settle for learning the piano. It's great that you're getting out and playing in different groups.

  3. How fun! You look so dang cute too!

  4. Oh, I'm jealous! I'm jealous that you got to play in a musical (they're my favorite!), and I'm jealous of your amazing talent- learning all that music that fast! You're beautiful too!

  5. You are totally gorgeous! I really love those pictures. Hope you are feeling great! I'm excited to see pictures of your little baby soon!


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