What I Accomplished This Week

Finished filing our taxes.  Taxes should not take that long to plug and crank.  It took hours because we had to file as part-residents in two states and I'm really not fluent in the ambiguous accountant language.  But I did our taxes without throwing a fit.  Now that's an accomplishment!  So glad it's done... until next year.

Tackled a few things to hopefully improve our little Young Women program.

Washed the baby's clothing and ever so gently folded and put them in the dresser to await his imminent arrival.  It made me giddy!  Have you ever seen a t-shirt so small?  Have you?  I can't wait to cuddle the tiny warm body that will wear them.   

Painted my toenails red.  It's almost spring, which means sandals, which means a girl's toes must look cute!  I know I can't actually see my toes, but that's beside the point.  I think it's my biggest accomplishment this week because bending over is a feat in itself, let alone touching my toes and staying there for an extended period of time.  I had to use some engenuity and painted them on the stairs.


  1. Good for you accomplishing so much! Now it's time to put your feet up, stare at your beautiful toes, and eat bon-bons!(At least that's what I would do!)

  2. I did my taxes yesterday and I actually paid the extra fee to do my state taxes with the same e-file I did my free federal, even though I know I could find the forms and fill them out myself. I was just tired and didn't care at that point :P Hope you and Bron got a sweet refund!


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