Chef Bron

My husband is a man of many talents, and cooking is one of them.  I have to admit, he's better in the kitchen than I am.  He's a very creative cook.  Plus, he can properly marinate or grill any kind of meat into a little piece of perfection just by combining things we already have in the fridge or pantry.  Although having a creative cook in the house can be a little more expensive from time to time, the tastes are totally worth it! 

I came home from work last night to find Mr. Handsome in the kitchen whipping us up his own version of a panini for dinner.  I love the way he throws that towel over his shoulder!  It makes me smile.  (I know the picture is a little blurry, but he doesn't like to hold still long enough for me to take them.)

Don't those warm marinated chicken sandwiches with cheese, avocado, peppers, and onion look delicious?  My mouth was watering.

Ready to eat!  The meal also included baked potato fries and a side salad.  (Yes, healthy!)

It was a great evening in the kitchen.  Thank you, Bron.  I love you!


  1. that looks sooooo delish!
    Neither me or Mike is all that savvy in the kitchen. bummer.

  2. my mouth is watering just looking at those sandwich's.. I can't imagine how wonderful they must have smelled!! you know how to pick em!

  3. YUM! I wish that we could be that good in the kitchen. Sadly, we never take the time to do any of that great home cooking because we are too busy. Isn't that just wasting life? I am going to be better now! :)

  4. I wish I had that good of a cook at my house. Maybe something rubbed off from his momma. He'll have to recreate it for me when we see you next. I look forward to it.

  5. Jessie,
    I definitely think we should stop by Gringo's when you're up here. I've never been to Gringo's but all the girls in my family love mexican.

  6. What a very sweet and talented husband you have!!! Looks yummy!

  7. I'd love to hear how you made your pictures big. Maybe you could email me.

  8. SO YUMMY and you look so cute! It looks like your lovin it there! Hope all is well! TTYL

  9. Actually I'm not teaching any of your students cause none of them called me. I'm sure they found someone else though. Are you teaching lessons up there yet?

  10. Meat is the only thing i can do better than natalie but i think bron has me beat there from the look of those sandwiches


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