Bron had a Birthday Shout Hooray

Bron turned 26 years old last Sunday.  It was an excuse to spoil the man and celebrate!  He totally deserved it.

Friday evening we drove over to Burlington, VT to eat dinner at none other than our favorite place: Texas Roadhouse.  We immediately felt at home.  Everything was standardly the same: the music, the food, the friendly service.  Bron and I enjoyed ourselves very much.  We didn't deviate from our usual entrees either. I ordered my favorite ribs and Bron had the best steak he's eaten since we moved to New York (except for the $50 steak in Montreal that Miner bought at a conference).  The only thing that was missing were "the guys".  Click here to find out more.  Needless to say, Bron and I left with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

Sunday is often anything but a day of rest for Bron.  We left for church a little after 7:00AM so Bron could make it to his meetings.  After church, Bron had to work down in the barn for a few hours.  When he did finally make it home, he was beat.  However, Bron's whole countenance changed when he checked his phone.  Both my family and his had left messages singing, "happy birthday".  The Nelson boys sing it so off key, it hurts.  But that's exactly what made the moment so endearing.  Thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness!

Together, Bron and I celebrated his birthday with a steak and potato dinner (I know, again, right?) and brownies with peanut butter topping.  Then Bron sat in his "throne" (the oversized recliner) to open his present.  I was so happy he was genuinely surprised!  I'm horrible at keeping secrets, but he wasn't expecting these.        

The look of surprise!

Bron got padded gloves and biking shorts to wear this spring! 
Now he'll be able to ride his bike until his legs fall off.

Happy Birthday, Honey!  You deserve it.  I love you!!!

P.S.  Is it me, or has this blog turned into an ode to food???  With how much I write about it, it's amazing I don't weigh 300 pounds already!

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  1. Yay, happy birthday!
    Mike's curious on the brand of the gloves and shorts. . .


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