Ode to Joe

Happy Birthday, Joey!!! My little brother isn't so little anymore. Today he turns 23 years old. He's been a man for a while now. Joe is in the navy and is currently on his 3rd tour of the world. His life is just one big adventure! He always comes back with crazy stories--and I'm sure he's keeping some details to himself.

Joe in his element: driving the boat.

I'm just a year older than my brother. We were pretty close as kids. When we get together, the truth about our childhood comes out: "Do you know how Wings [our parakeet] really died?"
I'd like to think that we're still pretty close. He's my brother! We have the same parents, same background, and remember each other's childhood like nobody else. And although our relationship has changed since we've become adults, (a whole other strange topic) I'm proud of who he has become and hope we'll be friends for the rest of our lives.


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  1. I'm so happy you have a blog! It is sooo cute! I plan to check it often! Happy Birthday to Joey too. I think it's pretty crazy how relationships with siblings change as we get older.


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