Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely love spring?!? Yes, I love it and it's finally here! (At least for a while... Idaho weather can be so fickle.) But spring is here today and so I'm celebrating with a picture of my favorite flower. I love sunflowers. They're happy and yellow and remind me of all the life I've been missing these many awful, gray, wet months. I can finally go running outside again!

Life is good here for the two of us. Bron graduates with his bachelor's degree in Animal Science on Friday. Wahoo! We're both really excited! And we're just waiting to hear if he gets accepted to a master's program in Vermont. I'm betting he'll get a letter via snail mail. So we keep checking the mailbox like a bunch of retired folk who have nothing better to do. :)

I'm just working for now. I work for an ophthalmologist office. I also teach violin lessons two nights a week. It keeps me busy, but I really enjoy my students and my life (most of the time).

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