September Snapshots and a Few Paragraphs About Life Lately

Welcome Fall!  I can't tell you how excited I am about wearing sweaters and watching the leaves change colors.  It's here!!!  Conrad and I have been going on weekly Friday morning dates to play and just be outdoors.  I love having a little buddy around who genuinely likes to explore with me.  Conrad is so cute and so much fun.  Plus, he might even enjoy the Taco Wagon more than me!  I am so grateful we have three more years together before he heads off to school.

A few things that happened this month:

::  The kids performed in their Primary Program at church last Sunday!  I've been the primary music leader all year and I am so glad that the program is over.  Haha.  We sang 13 songs!  I am so proud of the primary children; they knew every word and sang their little hearts out... especially Levi who sang with a lot of enthusiasm!  That kid has so much personality.  My mom even came out to visit to see the program first hand.  The boys were sooo excited to have Grandma and Grandpa Kelley there to see them!  I admit, it was fun for me too.

::  I served on a jury last week.  It was my first time being able to serve on a jury.  There was just six of us and I found it really kind of interesting.  It was a he said - she said kind of a case about a young man eluding a police officer.  When we went back to deliberate at the end of the day, I thought there was no way we had enough evidence to find the kid guilty.  But then we began discussing things through logically and proving all the points the judge sent with us.  (One observation: education and life experience make a difference when thinking logically!  A young person without an education can be a bit difficult to work with on a jury.)  In the end, we found the young man guilty of eluding a police officer.  I don't know what his sentence was, but I do hope the judge wasn't too harsh.  The defendant was just a scared mouthy kid, after all!  But the facts spoke for themselves; we couldn't let emotion get in the way.  Did he commit the crime or did he not commit the crime?  I suppose a good judge fills in for the emotion and can show some mercy when appropriate.  It was a misdemeanor anyway; it won't stay on his permanent record.  

Also, jury duty wiped me out!  The next day I was sooo tired.  I'm not used to sitting and paying close attention to detail all day.

::  Bron and I took all three boys to Sushi Ya for an all you can eat sushi dinner.  Bron and I looked at each other and laughed, "What have we done?"  These boys are developing some expensive pallets!  But I am so proud that the boys love to try new foods and often find that they like them.  It was so funny to watch Jed and Levi stuff themselves.  Jed leaned back in his chair with his hands on his stomach.  There was no possible way he could eat another bite.  Levi claimed he launched his "emergency stomach".  "Don't throw up!" I begged.  We pretty much rolled the boys to the truck.  An expensive but totally successful and memorable dinner outing.  #worthit    

^^Conrad dressing up as a dragon in 95 degree weather and holding an "umbrella" (aka tumble weed) just in case a storm blows in.^^
^^We made rainbows in the sprinkler one afternoon!  It was fun for the both of us.^^
^^Back when it was still 90 degrees and felt like we would enjoy a never-ending summer.  This is Conrad and his buddy, Brekken.^^
^^A Friday morning playing at the park and exploring Dierkes Lake... followed by lunch at the Taco Wagon.^^
^^The sun really is more gold in the Fall!  This beautiful evening happened after a very busy and exhausting day!^^
^^Conrad is obsessed with pumpkins.  He insisted we needed some.  So we visited the local farmer's market and brought home two little pumpkins.^^  
^^Another Friday morning exploring the local tourist attraction: Shoshone Falls.^^

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