Bushwhacking with a View and a September Family Update

Popping into the blog today to share some pictures from our little bushwhacking adventure in the South Hills Sunday night.  Bron is really excited about his personal project to restore some old trails for mountain biking and has his buddy Bryce on board as well.  They're just big kids: exploring the hillsides, rolling rocks, and cutting through brush.   Those two have been having so much fun.

There's really not much to report so far here in September.  We've settled in to the new school schedule quickly and life has just been rolling along.

Jed and Levi are pros at getting themselves up and showered in the morning.  They enjoy school and seem to be doing well, so far.  Swim team starts next week!  It will add one more dimension of places to go and things to do, but I think we'll all enjoy the water.  Bron has also been reading to the boys at night.  They're right smack dab in the middle of the Storm Testament; it's keeping them on the edge of their beds for sure!  While the big boys read, Conrad and I snuggle up on the couch to read in the other room.  It's a great evening routine when it happens!

Bron is carefully balancing work, Young Men's, family life, exercise, and mountain biking.  It's quite the tightrope act, but I couldn't be more proud of that man.  He has his priorities straight and our relationship feels really solid right now.

As for me, with Conrad in daycare two days a week, I have been getting all. the. things. done!  It's really impressive what I can get done in a few hours without any interruption.  So far this month I've cleaned out and organized the boys' room, the toy room, the office, and just today, the master bedroom.  I have time to sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors more regularly.  I've been taking Conrad's little friend on one day a week while his mama packs up their house to move.  I've been exercising.  I've been editing.  The privilege of "me" time has made a huge difference!  I notice I am more attentive to the boys after school.  And  I feel like I can truly relax -- get just one or two things done when Conrad is home -- and then ENJOY him!  Last week, we played at the park and then went on a little lunch date to the taco truck.

So at the moment, life is really good for the Nelsons.  We're all often tired by the day's end, but we've been blessed with a lot.

^^I can't believe Levi drank water from the trough -- straight from the spicket, but nonetheless!^^

Jed was complaining to me here about how mean and unfair I am about not letting him play as many video games or watch as much tv as he would like.  Haha.  Obviously, I'm not really concerned.  Sorry, kid.  It's good for your character.  I always hated that phrase as a kid: "It's good for your character."  But now I get it and it is weirdly gratifying to turn around and use it on my own kids.

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