Happy 4th of July

^^My boys on the 4th of July! They were so stoked about their dollar sunglasses and bandanas and dressing in red, white, and blue. So of course, I gathered the three together for a quick picture in my favorite spot of the house. I've taken about a half dozen pictures of these brothers in this same corner since Easter. It's totally becoming a series that I know I'm going to cherish.^^

Independence Day landed on a Thursday this year, the most genius thing ever.  The 4th of July should always land on a Thursday!  It was a long weekend of celebrating and getting absolutely nothing done.  We deviated from "tradition" this year and chose to spend the holiday with the entire Nelson crew on the dairy farm.  (But first, we attended the annual Kimberly 5th Ward breakfast where I led the children in singing two fun holiday songs!)  The Nelson get together included loads of food (duh!), lots of chit chat, a tour of Talon's new home under construction, noise and chaos, cuddling babies, and finally, our very own fireworks show.  The kids claim we had nearly 100 fireworks.  I believe them!  It was quite the amateur production.

The next day, Nichole kindly babysat Conrad so that Bron and I could take Jed and Levi mountain biking with Grandma and Grandpa.  The boys biked five miles round trip on a singletrack trail!  I am so impressed with them... except for the part where Levi crumpled to the ground in despair on our way UP a steep hill on our way back to the truck.  I think the kid needed some lunch.  But he's only six, so considering it was his first big ride, he did really well over all!  We biked out to an old dam made in the late 19th century.  It's decaying now, creating two waterfalls on either side.  It was a beautiful destination and the trail was in pristine shape.  What a fun little adventure!      

^^Eliza and Flint^^
^^Jaden cooked some of the best fries I've seriously ever eaten!^^
^^Jed and Leah are pretty inseparable cousins.  I'm so glad they have this relationship.^^
^^Little Liberty and that tongue!  Oh, and those soft round cheeks.  I'm a puddle.  She is sooo cute!^^
^^Madalyn ready for her magazine cover debut.^^
^^Annabelle is a little spitfire.  I love her.  Here she is, a die hard sprinkler lover in the front yard.^^
^^Excitedly watching the milk truck go by!^^
^^Not sure how many kids we fit into the pool.  But it was loud and very wet.^^

Firework time!

^^This image isn't focused properly, but these fireworks made it look like whomever held them came straight out of a Harry Potter movie!  It was a wand that shot out bursts of light.  Pretty stinking awesome!^^
^^I had a little too much fun playing with the image below.  The weird part of me loves it.  To me, it feels like Conrad is creating his own stars or something.  Totally has a 90's vibe, I know, but I'm OWNING it.  Haha.^^
^^A morning playing with Grandma's kittens.  These kittens became so calm sitting in Jed's lap.  It was so sweet.^^
^^Quincy and a kitty.^^
^^A little too much love and hugs?!  Lol.^^
^^Eliza and Quincy playing with Grandma's vintage Barbie set.^^
^^Poor kitty.^^

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