Celebrating Levi's 7th Birthday with a Nerf Gun War and Night Games

This cool kid turns 7 years old in a few days!  I cannot believe it.  He is getting so big and grown-up.  Like, how are his hands 3/4 as big as mine already?!  We celebrated his upcoming birthday with something Levi has been talking about doing for a long time with his friends: a Nerf Gun War + Night Games!

You guys, this was hands-down the easiest, most fun, and thrifty party I've ever hosted.  Forget Pinterest.  Simplicity is where it's at.

Levi said he wanted a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  I came through with a Funfetti box cake poured into a 9x13 pan.  Then I spread some green (Levi's favorite color) homemade frosting and sprinkles on top of it a couple of hours later.  Voila.  No stress and little mess!

As for décor, well, I lost my birthday box full of balloons and streamers and more!  I asked Bron to pick up some balloons; he accidentally bought a bag of pink and purple ones thinking they were multi-colored.  Bahaha.  So no decorations for Levi.  Honestly, he didn't even notice.

I did order a bag of glow sticks from Amazon and my friend Janie generously donated this box of 500 bullets.  Genius.  It was honestly all we needed for a good time.  That, and ten of Levi's best friends, of course.  Friends always make the party.

So after some cake, ice cream, and presents, the boys loaded up their Nerf guns and went to war!

They played a version of tag with two teams.  Each team had a secret medic.  When a guy got shot, the medic could rush to his aid and revive him.

Then as it got dark, I busted out the glow sticks and Bron taught the kids how to play Steal the Flag.  I think it was every boy's first time playing the game.  I am so proud we were the ones to introduce it to them; it really is the best summer time game.  They played five rounds before someone squirted himself in the eye with glow stick juice.  Ouch!  It was about time to call it a night anyway.

The kids had a blast!  They were all high on life and adrenaline as I dropped them off at their homes.  We are totally going to have to do this again.

A big thanks to all the neighborhood boys and their moms for making this dream of Levi's a reality.

Happy Birthday, Bud!  I love you so much.  Levi, you make me so proud in so many ways.  I can't wait to see what you do this year and for many years to come.

 ^^The crew fueling up on cake and ice cream.^^
 ^^Bryce and Jed^^
 ^^Levi excitedly opening his new giant Nerf gun!^^
 ^^Why can't all parties happen in the summer time at golden hour?!  Haha.^^

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