The Day a Magical Leprechaun Turned My Boys' Poops Green

^^I'm going to cherish this photo.  The curls.  The missing tooth.  The green eyes.  And the great outfit!^^

St. Patrick's Day landed on Sunday this year!  Jed and Levi had so much fun dressing up for church.  We bought these obnoxious bow ties at Kmart the day prior.  And Levi was very enthusiastic about pairing his bow tie with the cheap rainbow suspenders I found at Target.  I am so proud that he had the confidence to do it.  I hope he never outgrows it!  (Because those older kids, man, they seem to be so self-conscious.)

Anyway, I'm posting here to tell the story about how Levi is CONVINCED that a magical little leprechaun turned his poop green.  It's definitely a boy mom story.

He came running to me out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles on Sunday afternoon.  

"Mom!  Come see!  A leprechaun played a trick on me and turned my poop green!"

Uhhh.  "Green.  Really?"  I responded.  It must be neon colored, I thought, because isn't all poop kind of green?

"Yeah, like bright green," Levi exclaimed.  "Come see it!"

"I believe you, Buddy.  That's really cool.  But no, I'm not going to come see your poop.  That's gross," I laughed.

He happily skipped away to the bathroom to check on his green poop again.

Later Sunday afternoon we took the whole family, including the dogs, up to Indian Springs to hike, explore, and burn some energy.  On our way back down the hill, Bron placed Conrad atop his shoulders.  A minute later, I suddenly noticed a giant plop of bright bluish-green poop oozing up and out of the back of Conrad's pants and dribbling down Bron's sweatshirt.  (Conrad is potty trained for pee but can't quite get the hang of the poop thing yet.)

I couldn't help laughing.  The leprechaun had hit Conrad's digestive system too!

As we approached the truck, I pointed out what was going on to Levi.  His eyes lit up and he started going wild with excitement.  "The leprechaun turned Conrad's poop green too!  Leprechauns are real, Mom!"

Unfortunately, I only had about six wipes left in my bag.  I helped Bron carefully peel of his sweatshirt and then he helped me strip Conrad down on the back of the tailgate to try to clean him up a bit.  The neon poop was EVERYWHERE: up Conrad's back, all over his clothes and jacket, and of course, all over Bron's sweatshirt.  Conrad's skin was even stained blue!

Conrad requested we sing "help me" to comfort him.  And so I started singing, I Am a Child of God as I cleaned.  Bron and I sang together: Has given me an earthly home... with parents to wipe my butt!  Conrad smiled.  We laughed because... what else could we possibly do?  This was parenthood in its most emblematic hour.

Bron wound up wrapping a naked Conrad in his jacket from the back of the truck to keep him warm until we could draw him a bubble bath at home.

Levi is still convinced it was a leprechaun who turned his poop, Conrad's poop, and eventually Jed's poop green.  I, on the other hand, am 99% sure the odd coloring came from a very blue frosting that each boy ate on a cupcake the day before.  You know, the kind of frosting that stains your lips and teeth blue?  Yeah, I didn't eat one just for that reason.

I guess we'll never really know!  It will forever be a mystery.

^^That mock smoulder.  Lol.  He's gonna be a lady killer.^^
^^There's my cute and silly six year old!^^

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