Snapshots of Life Lately: Wrapping Up Winter

Conrad snuggling with Teddy Bear and his blanket on the couch to watch his favorite show: Curious George!  He has now moved on to binge watching Mickey Mouse Club House, which he delightfully calls, "Mickey Mouse House House!"  We are officially in new parenting territory now: the tv can be used as a babysitter while I shower or get something done.  Yippee!

Conrad licking the glass during a hail/sleet storm one afternoon.  Silly kid.

My mom stopped by one afternoon to say 'hello' on her way through from visiting and helping my grandma.  She brought new books for the boys for Valentine's Day.  They read them together, of course.  And I, of course, picked up my camera.  I think the boys deserve pictures with their grandparents as often as possible.  Thanks for visiting, Mom!  We love you.

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