It's a New Year! 2016 Quick Review

It's been a good year.  As I look back, I am amazed at how much we did!  We were busy.  This year was one to remember for sure.  We've been blessed with so much: health, loving family members and friends, and the opportunities to travel and adventure.  The crowning highlight, of course, was welcoming Conrad earth side.  I have to pinch myself.  We're a family of five now and I couldn't be happier.

Here's what happened: 

January:  We celebrated Kaleb and Chantee's wedding!  We visited the Living Planet Aquarium in Utah and hiked to Ross Falls as a family when there was three feet of snow.

February:  We enjoyed a fun day of sledding as well as an epic date snowshoeing in the South Hills with our friends, the Horsleys.  I also attended my very first photography conference, but the highlight was getting to hang out with my Grandma.

March:  I traveled to Arizona to see my sister and cousin's new babies.  I also found out I was pregnant!

April:  We celebrated Jed's 6th birthday!  We took the kids to Park City to see the Imagination Movers live in concert!  I don't remember anything else because surviving morning sickness was all I could concentrate on.

May:  Bron and I went on vacation to Kauai!!!  We will never ever forget our legendary overnight backpacking trip to Kalalau.  It was an amazing trip.

June:  We celebrated the beginning of summer with a party and a pool full of kids.  We had fun at the Nelson family reunion.  Jed played his first season of t-ball.

July:  We rock climbed and sat under the best fireworks show we've ever seen on Independence Day.  We found out our growing baby was a boy.  Bron exhuasted himself on a week long 50 mile backpacking adventure with the scouts in the Whitecloud Wilderness.  Jed and Levi learned to fish with hot dogs and we went camping.

August:  We celebrated Levi's 4th birthday, Bron conquered Pierre's Hole for the third time, and Jed started the first grade!

September:  Two of my photos won prizes at the county fair.  Jed played soccer for the first time.  We saw the Wagon Days Parade in Ketchum.  Bron and his brothers tinned a barn in just one day.  And Bron and I stayed out way past our bedtime at a Boise State football game one evening.

October:  We took the boys to the Hogle Zoo and celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday in Moab, UT surrounded by the beautiful chaos of family.  My girlfriends spoiled me with a baby shower and pedicures.  And the boys were the Dark Side for Halloween.

November:  We welcomed Conrad to the family!!!

December:  Bron did some snow skiing.  We adjusted to being a family of five and enjoyed another magical and blessed Christmas.


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