Christmas Day 2016

Due to the demands of a newborn, this year was a little bit harder for me to catch that magical Christmas spirit that makes me so excited.  I mean, I didn't even have anything wrapped until two days before the big day!  Instead, that Christmas spirit came in waves as we visited the lights at Rock Creek, made peanut butter balls, went sledding on Christmas Eve, and of course as I anticipated both Bron and the kids' reactions to the presents I'd bought.  Plus, it was Conrad's first Christmas!  Having a baby at Christmas feels so special.  I told Bron to just wrap Conrad up and place him underneath the tree.  I didn't need any other gifts this year.

The boys are still at such fun ages.  Young and innocent, they believe!  And they make the magic of Christmas come alive.  We got out the globe and tracked Santa on Bron's phone as Santa made his way around the world on Christmas Eve.  "Where is Santa now?!" they'd excitedly ask.  "He's in Colombia now and heading North towards us!"  They screamed.  "We gotta go to sleep so Santa can come! Hurry!"    

The boys slept in with the sun.  No one got out of bed until 7:45AM!  Santa brought Jed and Levi big Nerf guns this year complete with refillable magazines.  And he brought Bron an automatic Nerf gun because dads need an unfair advantage against their formidable offspring, right?  Right. 

Upon seeing everything that Santa had brought, Levi exclaimed, "I guess we WERE good this year!"  Bron and I laughed, but Levi's comment means one of two things: A. We're awful parents and make our kids feel guilty or B. Levi knows when he's being naughty but tries to get away with it anyway.  I'm going with the latter.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.  We have been blessed with so much.  I am grateful for my Savior who made it possible for this family I love so much to be together forever.  It was another magical Christmas!

^^Baby's first Christmas!  Conrad is going to get anything he wants with that pouty lip!^^
^^Assembling one of the many Lego boxes they received.^^
^^Jed built this backhoe all by himself!^^
^^Conrad is beginning to smile and coo!  He even has dimples!  It is the most darling thing.  I can't get enough.^^

Above is Bron's low-rider Camelbak made especially for biking.  He's pretty excited about it.  I received three pairs of shoes.  When in doubt, just buy me shoes.  Haha.  Bron also hid a Garmin Vivoactive (with GPS!!!) inside the practical fire safe (to store things like birth certificates and passports) he got me.  Sneaky man.  He does something like that to surprise me every year.  I love it. 

^^Conrad did a lot of hanging out in his bouncer Christmas morning.^^

My handsome boys after church.  They all received matching ties.  I kind of wish Christmas landed on a Sunday every year.  It was so fun to see all our friends at church and feel the spirit as we were reminded of the real reason we celebrate the day.  Every year, without fail, I cannot sing, or even listen to, the last two verses of O Holy Night without tearing up.  It pricks my soul.  There could not have been a more humble beginning for the man who accomplished the greatest work of all: the opportunity for every one of us to be forgiven of our shortcomings and live with our families and Heavenly Father forever. And I am so grateful because I need that blessing and message of hope every single day as I stumble through this crazy adventure called life.

Christmas dinner brought to you by the Sollybaby wrap.  Conrad must have not been feeling very well on Christmas day.  He cried quite a bit and just wanted to be held.  I love this wrap because it feels like a hands-free hug!  Without fail, Conrad falls asleep in it every single time.  It's been a life-saver with two other busy boys this month.


P.S. Jed proudly announced at dinner last night that it's been four days since he changed his underwear.  We laughed.  And then sent him to the shower.  Just a few more days of this crazy but good Christmas break!


  1. Merry Christmas, my friend! What an incredible gift! Your newborn is amazing and so very cute! (I love that Sollybaby wrap; kudos to you for learning how to use it--it looks a little complicated but very very comfy for Conrad.) The magic of Christmas certainly filled your house this year...

  2. That picture of you and Conrad is perfect! So sweet. Merry Christmas!

  3. There is something special about having a new baby at Christmastime. Looks like a nice quiet Christmas- my favorite kind!


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