Third Baby Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

I am thrilled to announce that this is the very last bumpdate of this pregnancy!  In fact, it could possibly be my very last bumpdate ever.  The thought makes me feel a bit nostalgic as I look at this big round belly in the mirror.  Wow, my body does amazing things!  The idea that I may never do this again makes me both sad and happy.  Never again feeling those kicks and rolls from the inside, the exciting anticipation of bringing another life into the world--it's pretty neat and I feel so grateful I get to do it three times over.  It's sad to let that go!  But never again feeling nauseous and exhausted and just plain hurting for months on end sounds pretty amazing too.  So I suppose I'll soak in every last drop of this pregnancy for all its worth as we excitedly anticipate meeting our new little guy!

The thought of a third child still blows my mind.  This is real?  This is going to be real?!  There will be another real live body in that room peeking over the crib rails at me in the mornings?  No way.  It's like a far-off dream.  I wonder what he'll look like.  I wonder how I'll survive the sleepless nights again.  But I absolutely cannot wait to get to know his little personality.  He will be his own person, different than his brothers.  How can I possibly have a third opposite of Jed and Levi?  And how are their little relationships going to play out?  It's all a mystery to me now.  I think I'm ready for this next big life change and challenge.  Or maybe more accurately I'm just tired of being pregnant and know that this big life event is inevitable.  Either way, I'm happy and excited with just a tinge of worried nerves on the side.

 How far along: 38 weeks + one day

Size of baby boy/birth plan: It comes as no surprise, but we officially know that this boy is bigger than the average baby.  I went in for an ultrasound two days shy of 37 weeks for measurements.  He was estimated to be 8lbs 7oz!  But remember when Levi was born?  The doctors delivered him the next day and their estimate was half a pound light!  So I could easily be carrying around a 9lb child right now.  But we'll see.  The doctors want to do an induction at 39 weeks.  Yesss.  Please put me out of my pregnancy misery!  But so far my cervix is not dilating or effacing much, so I may just be pregnant foooorever.  They won't induce unless my body is ready.  I may wind up just going in to labor on my own around 40 weeks.  Ugh.  The doctors aren't too concerned about my handling the baby's size though.  No c-section is planned.  Whew.  We're all just hoping everything goes as quickly and smoothly as it did with Levi's delivery.  Please say a little prayer for us and keep your fingers crossed!

Weight Gain: The doctors' office switched from pounds to kilograms.  It's lovely... until I did the math!  I have never been so heavy in my entire life.  Maybe it's just water weight?

Stretch Marks: You bet!

Maternity Clothes: Can we talk about how much I hate my jeans at the moment?  I refuse to wear them anymore.  They are way too tight and constricting.  Instead, I live in three pieces: my ASOS overalls, a pair of sweat pants, or a dress.  A good number of my maternity shirts still fit, thank goodness.  However, Bron's shirts are generally comfiest. And as for jackets and coats, well obviously mine can't possibly zip up over my belly at the moment.  Fortunately, J.D. Heiskell loves to give out all kinds of coats to their dairymen, so Bron has a plethora of extras to choose from in our closet.  I've chosen an XL coat that actually zips up over my belly to keep me warm in the mornings and evenings.  But hey, when a girl is nine months pregnant, she can pretty much wear whatever she wants, right?  Absolutely right.

Food Cravings: Halloween candy!!!  And orange juice to help me get over this miserable cold.

Symptoms: All of the usual stuff that's expected: my ankles are swollen, I endure countless braxton hicks contractions, my hips are out of whack, I'm often out of breath, and I am just plain exhausted.  Plus, I get bouts of nausea that come and go.  That's a new one for me this late in pregnancy!  The funny part is when my belly runs into things though.  Ooops!  I forget how large and in charge this ball out front has become.

Belly Button, in or out: Bron makes fun of me.  I started with an innie belly button.  Then it protruded to an outtie.  And now my belly button is just being absorbed by belly.  This kid needs every last square centimeter of space!

Movement: Baby boy's movements have become more like rolls than kicks.  He is most active in the evenings and I love feeling his little feet and knees and hands and bum that occasionally protrude outwards and turn my belly into a lop-sided ball.  I have also never felt a baby so low!  He is literally moving around inside my hips.  So crazy.   

Sleep:  Progressively sleeping lighter and lighter and getting up to use the bathroom twice or more a night.  It's all just preparation for baby's arrival.

Best Moment: The Baby Shower/Girls' Night my thoughtful friends threw for me!  It felt sooo good to get a pedicure and just relax.  Plus, I cannot wait to use the new rock 'n play sleeper they bought for me!

What I'm looking forward to: Not bending over the sink awkwardly to do the dishes.  Breathing normally again.  Exercise!  But mostly, mostly I'm looking forward to that sweet euphoric moment when I finally get to meet my baby boy!  I can't wait to rock and hold and nurse him and revel in that newborn smell.  I can't wait to see a new smile and hear a new laugh and squeeze his little thigh rolls.  I'm looking forward to counting those tiny fingers and toes in the hospital and wrapping him all up in a swaddle for his first picture... and many, many more after that.


  1. My Levi was 9+ lbs and was my easiest delivery! I was 3 days over due when he finally came on his own and I remember the relief of having all that extra weight in my arms instead of my belly.
    I hope this little guy comes quickly and easy for you. Those last few days of pregnancy are so bittersweet... very much a love/hate thing! Can't wait to see your newest little guy

  2. How in the world you look so beautiful with a giant belly is beyond me!! You rocked this pregnancy. It seemed like it flew by (at least for me it did ;) and now he's here!!!! I love your family so so much. I can't wait to squeeze on all his chub.

  3. I can totally relate to the thought of never being pregnant again. It is definitely happy/sad. There is something so lovely about being pregnant, but also so miserable. I love these update posts you have done. I wish I had done more of that. What a great way to document it all, considering how much you're likely to forget. Or at least I forget pretty quickly.


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