Happy Halloween from the Dark Side

The Holiday Season is officially upon us.  And I am feeling the buzz!  Lucky for us, the Holidays are made 100 times better with little kids around.  Their enthusiasm and excitement just seems to rub off on me.  Plus, we'll be adding another little jumping bean here in just ten days or so.  TEN DAYS!  It's going to be a crazy but special year.  I can just feel it.

This Halloween, we found our costumes more than a month ago at Costco one day. I wasn't too concerned about Levi changing his mind because the kid is dead set on becoming a storm trooper when he grows up.  He talks about it all the time.  I did convince him that he needs to finish high school first though before he flies a tie fighter... which perhaps the military will develop in a few years.  So maybe that dream isn't too far fetched.

I'm not sure what the boys' fixation is with the dark side of the force, but since Jed chose to be Kylo Ren, we just ran with it.  Bron became Darth Vader and I became the Death Star on account of my huge pregnant belly.  It was super simple and fun!

However, I admit, those pictures up top were anything from simple.  Ha!  I spent a solid hour or more in Photoshop editing each of those individually.  But I am silly proud of how they turned out.  And the boys are "over-the-moon" stoked about how cool they themselves look in them!  Definitely a fun experiment and worth every minute.

Now pictures from Halloween Night!

^^Our annual family picture.  We're raising the Dark Side.^^
^^I'm glad Bron doesn't take himself too seriously.  I've watched this video at least 20 times and each time I die laughing.  I don't know why.^^
^^Love these crazy kids: Owyn, Addy, Ollie, and Abram.^^
^^And of course, the Young family!  Er, I mean, the characters from Alice in Wonderland.  I love that I get to be their photographer and be a small part of their traditions.^^
^^Half time for heroes and villains: sitting down for a calming spot of "tea".  I seriously can't quit laughing.  The innocence and juxtaposition is just hilarious.^^ 

This Halloween, we skipped the chaos in Kimberly and simply just stuck to our neighborhood.  We had an early dinner, dressed up, took a few pictures, and then headed out for trick-or-treating door to door until the boys' buckets overflowed with candy and their feet hurt.  True story.  The boys trick-or-treated with our friends, the Horselys, til they dropped. I had to call Bron to come rescue us by car just half a mile away!  Part of the plea was for me too though.  I thought I'd walk this baby out a couple of weeks early.  I got nothing but a sore pelvis!  But hey, parental chocolate taxes from the boys' candy buckets were good this year.  Score.  So it's a memorable night down in the books.

Halloween, I love you.  I love the sense of community you create.  And I love that kids get to be kids and play dress up and eat loads of candy.  You're the best. 

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  1. I LOVE those pictures you photoshopped of the boys. So awesome. I do love the trick-or-treating part of Halloween. It is so much fun, for everyone!


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