Grandma's 80th Birthday

^^Grandma with five of her great-grandchildren: Jed, Levi, Jaxon, June, and Carter^^

We spent the most memorable weekend with extended family at a cabin way up in the La Sal mountains outside of Moab, UT.  We all gathered there to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday!!!  She just radiates love.  Words cannot describe how much I admire that woman. There was no cell service and it was wonderful to truly unplug from everything: no internet, no advertisements, no pressures of the everyday grind. It was just family (noisy family!) and food (sooo much food!) and some small adventures. I wish we could relive it because I'm missing my weird but loving tribe of people already!

On Friday morning, I dropped off this studly man (and my uncle Ed) at 11,000 feet at the top of a mountain to ride 27 miles of what is called the Whole Enchilada.  Pretty incredible, yeah?  You bet I was jealous!

You guys, I married a good one. I can't imagine my life without this man. He's the one I talk late into the night with, adventure with, work and plan with, and parent with. He is patient and loving and involved and does his best in every facet of his life. I couldn't ask for a better husband. I love you, Bron!

View from the front porch of the cabin.  These horses just wandered in and out of the yard nibbling on the grass (and pooping all over the lawn).  And would you look at that scrub oak?  The leaves were changing colors and it was beautiful in its own deserty way.  

One afternoon, my cousin Rachel, Aunt Becky, Kelsey, and I all went for a little exercise walk that turned into a hike!  And another afternoon, our family of four strapped on helmets and took off in the razor that my Uncle Jeff rented.  That thing was buttery smooth over the dirt trails!  We let the boys take turns riding in the front seat.  "Step on it!" they commanded.  It goes without saying, they had a blast. 

^^Ranchers moving cows.^^
^^When a two year old no longer wants to walk or ride in the stroller.^^
^^Look at that kid get air!^^
^^Levi snuggling with his new snow leopard from the zoo.^^
^^Deer loved the yard too!^^

Inside the cabin, we ate and played games.  I think everyone was afraid there wouldn't be enough food, so we all brought some and there wound up being a mountain of snacks and sandwich fixings and two whole refrigerators filled full to the brim.  Yum!  (Thanks for cooking so much, Uncle Jeff!)  The kids had a blast taking advantage of the air hockey table and chess set in the game room.  There was always some noisy racket coming from that area.

^^Signing cards for Great-Grandma's birthday.^^
^^Cousin Luke teaching Jed how to play chess.^^

Isn't she the cutest?  There was plenty of chocolate cake and brownies and ice cream to celebrate Grandma.  Every time something warm came out of the oven, I think we sang 'Happy Birthday' to her.
^^Jed played Blink with his Great-Grandma.  She said he was a good player and had a lot of fun with Jed!  It made Jed feel special.^^

And June!!!  I just want to smother this baby in kisses and squeezes.  She is absolutely adorable, especially with her tongue sticking out and her big happy eyes staring back at me.  Honestly, I feel a special love for ALL my sister's children.  It's something I can't quite explain.

On our last night, we all met at Grandma's favorite restaurant: The Sunset Grill.  Delicious food!  My brother Joe and his wife Karmen even made it all the way from Indiana.  (We convinced them to come back to the cabin for a late night of games and talking.)  I did way more talking than eating that night.  And Levi was stoked because he got to drink a soda.  He also kept asking if he could see Uncle Joe.  Yes!  He was enamored with Joe. 

The whole family!  Well, everyone who made it into the picture.  Ha!  Unfortunately, Bron and Jed stayed behind at the cabin because Jed had a headache so bad he threw up.  The kid just runs hot and doesn't eat or sleep enough when there's so much excitement around.

^^My brother, sister, and very pregnant me.  I love Levi's photo-bomb in the background!  Haha.^^
^^Yes, this scene if for real.  I predict Jed will either be an engineer or work with animals one day.^^

I love you ALL and miss you already!
Thank you for a weekend that will stay close to my heart forever.


  1. What a fun way to celebrate your grandma's birthday. Sounds like a good time!

  2. Catching up reading your blog! I miss you, sister!


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