Memorial Day Weekend (Baby's First Ascent!)

^^Our racket enjoying some homemade chocolate chip cookies on the bridge!
Ryan, Owyn, Oliver, Addy, Levi, Lorren, Kendra, Jed, and Abram.^^

The big holiday weekend and kickoff to summer couldn't come soon enough for both Bron and me!  We had a long week here.  Bron had a work trip in Denver while I held down the fort by my pregnant self here at home.  Wednesday felt more like Friday for both of us but we still had two more work days to endure!  In fact, I don't remember what we actually did on Friday night.  I'm pretty sure we just crashed after putting the kids to bed.  However, the party began first thing Saturday morning and we played hard all weekend long!

Saturday morning I agreed to run "shuttle service" for both Bron and his friend Aaron.  They rode their mountain bikes down Third Fork.  The little boys and I hiked and explored around the bottom of the trail until they arrived back.  In fact, the trail was in such amazing condition, that the guys decided to run it TWICE!  I was dyyying of jealousy.  This whole growing a baby thing requires some sacrifice, you know.  Of all the things I miss most, getting on my bike for an adrenaline pumping ride is near the top of the list.  "Next year," I keep chanting to myself because safety trumps risking injury.  But the whole morning was a win-win for all of us after all, I think.  I truly enjoy getting out of the house and into the sunshine with my little boys!

Afterwards, I was the one who came home and napped for two hours!  Sounds a little backwards, right?  Totally.  Bron took the boys with him to the hardware store to buy a long-awaited weed whacker while I snoozed at home.  Thanks, Honey!  He's great.  I think I'll keep him.  :)

Then that night we enjoyed a barbecue with the Horsleys and roasted marshmallows over a fire in the backyard.  Annnd to top it all off, my friend Amy and I got to sneak to the store for some late night shopping.  Pretty perfect day, right?  Absolutely.  But that was just the beginning...

Sunday was typical: we all slept in, we went to church, and we had dinner with friends and watched some stupidly funny YouTube videos.

Monday, however, will go down as memorable and almost legendary.  I'd like to suggest that we're getting pretty good at planning to entertain our racket of kids while we adults enjoy ourselves too.  Memorial Day found us with friends exploring Castle Rocks State Park.  We found an incredible spot near the climbing rocks to set up base camp for the day.  The kids played half naked in the creek with monster trucks, ate snack foods, and read books in the hammock all afternoon long.  (Dang, those kids have it good.)  We adults took turns watching the kids, chatting, and rock climbing!  It was a blast!  However, I feel I must mention that one cheap carabiner we left on another route (I can hear Bron groaning in disgusted agony as I write this) just as a reminder that we must come back to conquer it!  Haha.  

^^View of Heffalump.  I believe we did the route called Pork Chop.^^
^^Bron, my stud, making it up and over that first difficult lip.^^
^^Baby is ready to make his/her first ascent at 15 weeks!^^
^^Hey, a short video of me climbing!  As you can see, it really wasn't a difficult route--except if you're lead climbing it and have to figure out that tricky move at the beginning (Go Nick!  It was his first lead!)--so breathe easy, folks.  Everything is okay!^^
^Hellooo from the top!^^
^^The Horsley family^^
^^Our family!^^
^^The Raiger family^^
^^Levi with his little water backpack hiking out at the end of the day.^^

Wow!  This picture doesn't even begin to do the park justice.  We feel so lucky to live near such beautiful places where we can play and explore and challenge ourselves.  The kids will take it all for granted now, but maybe someday they'll return as adults and realize how incredibly awesome a place this really is!

In honor of Memorial Day, I am thankful for the men and women who have served our country, and many who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that I can enjoy my family and freedoms on a beautiful day like yesterday. It IS a big deal.

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