Baby Bump Ahead!

 ^^Posing with baby #3 in the evening at 11 weeks and 6 days.^^

The rumors are true!  And I'm so thrilled I want to shout it from the rooftops because just when I thought it would never happen again... it is!  Baby Nelson #3 is due to join our family somewhere around November 19, 2016.  I'm already head over heels in love.

It's been a perplexing and emotional two year journey to get this far.  We've wanted to add to our family since around February 2014.  But for no reason in particular, I've had trouble getting pregnant.  Hormones?  Stress?  The will of God?  I suspect the reasoning is a combination of all three of those things.  When I sadly miscarried a baby last April, my world was turned upside-down.  That was something I wasn't prepared for at all.  I had high hopes of conceiving again, but as the months passed by, I began to doubt.  That unfulfilled desire for a baby ate at my heart and soul.

I guess you could say the last two years have been a quiet trial for both Bron and me.  I've learned a lot though: from gaining more compassion for other women who struggle with fertility to gaining more faith to trust in my Heavenly Father's love and timing for me.  And fortunately, I've never felt completely alone.  There are plenty of women in my own circle of friends and family who can relate--even in some small way--and their smiles and words have brought comfort.  I'm grateful for that.  I'm very much looking forward to putting this all behind us in November and moving on to some new challenges!  :)

Anyway, the new year found me making big plans: plans for the second bedroom, plans for another big bike race, plans for an epic trip to Hawaii!  I finally came to terms with the idea of "just" raising two healthy little boys and being completely content with that.  On my visit to Arizona in March, family asked several times if I was pregnant.  I responded, "Nooo!"  Apparently, I was in for a big surprise. I was already pregnant; I just didn't know it yet.

A week later I took a little test.  I was thrilled to see that second line pop up!  No way!  Is this for real?!?  I think I wore a perma-smile.  Maybe it's still there.  But then reality began to sink in.  Sleepless nights again?  Potty training AGAIN?  Little chubby thighs and cute innocent smiles?  Another personality and someone to love?  I'm a little nervous for what's to come, but even more excited.

As of today, I am 14 weeks along.  Helllooo second trimester!  Morning sickness, you can get on outta here now.  The last three months have been a doozy for sure.  I have never been so sick during a pregnancy.  With Jed I threw up once.  With Levi I threw up a handful of times.  With this cooking baby bean, I've thrown up more times than I can count.  For a few weeks there it was every 24-36 hours!  Ugh.  But I remind myself what a reassuring blessing it is.  With the baby I miscarried, I didn't feel sick at all.  So being sick is a good sign.

I've also been sooo tired!  Fortunately, the boys are a little older and can entertain themselves for a while.  I may or may not turn on the tv on a regular basis just so I can sneak in a nap.  I'm also pretty sure I could beat the dog in a sniffing contest.  I've torn out every single air freshener from the house and car.  I even replaced the laundry detergent!  Lavender scent is just gross.  Just freaking gross. 

And of course, much to Bron's dissatisfaction, I've become somewhat of a vegetarian.  The smell of cooking meat, even bacon (gasp!), makes me want to hurl.  I'll make a confession: one night I fed the kids peanuts and french fries from Five Guys.  They thought it was the greatest.  And another evening we ate nothing but peaches and cottage cheese.  Thankfully, they're still so young, they don't seem to mind one bit just going with the flow.  Jed and Levi pretty much have free reign of the house these days.  They play outside in the hose and inside with their Legos and I rarely ask them to clean up their toys.  (I'm just too tired to put up the fight!)  Needless to say, despite their mom being halfway out of commission and the house dirtier than I'd ever like to admit, they're a happy duo right now.  And they pray for the baby every day.

Regardless (or maybe I should say, 'including'?) of all the morning sickness, it's been reassuring to hear a strong heartbeat and see a bigger growing baby on the ultrasound at the doctor's office.  I've been paranoid about miscarrying again, of course.  But Bron gave me the sweetest priesthood blessing early on.  I've been holding on to those words for all they're worth!  It's been fun to see my tummy grow and I'm eagerly awaiting to feel those first precious kicks.  I swear I've already felt the baby flip a couple of times!

Eagerly looking forward to November!!!  We can't wait to meet you, Baby.

P.S. Jed wants to name the baby Hat.  Levi wants to name the baby Hulk.  I suggested Bruce Banner or Tony Stark.  Both boys turned up their noses at that.  "Let's call him Iron," Levi insisted.  That's when Bron chimed in.  "Yeah, we'll spell it Fe."  That made me laugh out loud.  I think we'll save that idea for our next dog instead.                  


  1. Oh I am so happy for you!!! Such great news and such a beautiful momma!

  2. Congrats!! So happy for you :) Also, your dress is SO CUTE! I've been wanting fitted maternity dresses like that -- where's it from?

  3. Wonderful news. So happy for you and your family. Your little bump is so cute!

  4. So so cute! Maybe because you're so sick this time, it's a girl? ;) I'm so happy for you!

  5. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! SO happy for you, sweet friend. Will keep you all in my prayers.

  6. This made me so happy. You deserve this so much. You are an amazing mommy. This little precious gift may come on my birthday. =)

  7. congrats! ... fyi, i'm guessing its a girl. same. exact. thing. here. boys were rather easy pregnancies and almost identical. this one not so much. hopefully the sickness goes away soon, for me it was about week 14 where eating didn't upset my stomach. And... the feeding the kids minimal dinners thing. same. exact. thing. here. dont feel bad about it. i think one time the boys just had grapes. i couldnt eat meat until about week 16 too. im so excited to hear that youre in a good place with baby #3 and the desire finally is working out for your family. i'll be honest, i've been struggling with the thought of 3 and its been rather emotional... good days, bad days. its strange... but i know its what we are meant for. good luck. congrats. smiles to you.

  8. So very happy for you, Jessie! What a lucky babe to join your crew.

  9. K LOVE the new blog look. And yay for feeling sick! Maybe that means it's a girl ;) With every word I nodded yep, yep. I know all the feelings too well! Especially the need for unscented everything, no meat, and no energy. Just get used to the house being more dirty. Once that baby comes all you'll want to do is snuggle anyway! Gah! I'm just so excited for you! I can't wait to see what this baby will look like!

  10. I am soooo happy for you! You look adorable and radiant.

  11. I'm so excited for you! I totally get the need to turn on the TV for the kids and the messy house. Our house is still messier than I'd like most days and I still don't cook regular meals, and Kacey is almost 1! It's all about survival. What a blessing for you though- another baby! I think your babies are perfectly spaced throughout the year too. Their birthdays aren't all bunched together, one spring, one summer, and one fall/winter.


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