Sweet Summertime

relaxing at the lake and watching the sailboats as a family

North Country summers are typically mild, except for one or two weeks every year. This week was one of those. The combination of sun, high temperatures, and humidity made for a suffocating kind of heat. We had our fans going non-stop and even stole a leaky air conditioner from the guesthouse next door. Sometimes Jed and I sought relief at the library or the grocery store. But better yet, we found relief at the beach on Lake Champlain.

I lathered the boy up in sunscreen and put on his pirate outfit: swim trunks that go down to his ankles, a rash guard top, and broad-brimmed hat. Then we waded out into the lake. Jed took to the water like a fish to the sea; he loved it! He especially liked the feel of sand between his toes! Soon he became so relaxed he fell asleep right there in my arms out in the middle of the lake. That’s when I brought him back to shore. We laid out on our giant beach towel in the shade together and took a nap. Then Jed changed into dry clothes, nursed, and we went home. We hit this routine two days in a row.

Sometimes I can’t believe this is a part of my job description. I love being a mom!

What an outfit!

laying out in the shade and catching some zzz's after a big swim 

I can't get enough of his tiny, but studly, bare chest!  hehe  What a hunk.
(I kinda liked this picture with a little old-school sepia look)


  1. I'm so jealous of your lake and beautiful scenery! I know what you mean about being a mom, Ty is off at work while me and the kids are lounging around at the pool. It's a rough life! Beautiful pics again! I love him looking just completely relaxed!

  2. oh how funny! look at that little guy basking in the sun! lolol. this is beautiful jessie =)

  3. sounds like the perfect couple of days to me. Can we come visit-this heat is NO fun. We dont leave the house...

  4. He is a hunk. I love looking at these pictures! It's weird cause he's a good mix between you and Bron, crazy!! oh and by the way I tried changing the font on my blog, it took me forever! and I still wasn't able to do it grr. Someday it will be changed, but thanks for telling me how!


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