Strawberry Picking

Jed's first experience strawberry picking

It’s strawberry season! Strawberries are far and beyond my favorite food. The only thing that can top a juicy red strawberry is a juicy red strawberry smothered in chocolate! Unfortunately, I’ve learned that both strawberries and chocolate (among other things) don’t sit well in my baby’s stomach, as such delectables are passed on through my milk. Jed spits up curds. He doesn’t complain though. Which leaves me torn: Do I avoid certain foods just for Jed’s sake or do I indulge in what makes my life a little more enjoyable? I’ve taken the moderate approach; a little is okay for both of us!

Yesterday was Jed’s first experience strawberry picking. Actually, he slept in the shade while I picked away to my heart’s delight. Strawberry picking is addicting. All I see is red and I can’t pick fast enough! I picked a very full flat. We still need more. LOTS more. You see, I need these tasty berries to last the entire winter in my freezer—either frozen, or as jam.

Yeah, they taste as delicilous as they look


  1. I love Love LOVE the top picture! I made Alan come over and look at it because it's just so good! Its almost like a post card.
    Sometimes breastfeeding can be so difficult because of what you eat being passed on.. we really struggled with that with Travs milk allergy. As long as Jed doesn't mind it too much though keep on eating those yummy strawberries!

  2. Oh how fun to have a berry picking field nearby! They look really really yummy! I have great memories picking raspberries in Grandma's backyard. Raspberries are my favorite!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm. . .

    my big kick lately. . . watermelon. Can't get enough!

  4. oh how beautiful! this is so beautiful! the colors are so vibrant and the baby sooo sweet. what a handsome boy you have jessie!


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