Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Four days off from work was bliss.  Bron and I were actually quite social over the long weekend, despite being so far away from family.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at Pete and Rachel's home, a fellow Miner student.  Lindsey, a tech from Ireland, joined us with her friend, Rich.  We spent the early evening munching on appetizers and watching football.  Pete and Rachel put together a fabulous traditional turkey dinner.  (The advantage of not hosting dinner is no pressure.  The bad part is no leftovers.  Oh well.)  All I can say is that football + good food + friendly conversation = a very relaxing and enjoyable evening.  Of course, we helped with the dishes!

The scrumptious berry pie I made for dessert
(This is for you, Momma Nelson!)

Friday morning I ventured out to conquer the holiday shopping!  Though I didn't leave the house till after 10:00 AM, I still found everything I needed or wanted.  It feels awesome to have the majority of the Christmas shopping all done at once.  Plus, it doesn't hurt to know that I'm getting a good deal on almost everything!

This will be our 3rd Christmas together!  I love being married and starting our own Holiday traditions.  Bron and I spent Friday night setting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations.  He gets just as excited as I do!  This time of year is just so MAGICAL!  We opened the box to our brand new tree that we bought half off after the holiday last year.  It's not large or impressive, but perfect for a couple of college students.  This year I added to our tree decorations by purchasing strings of red wooden beads, gold ribbon, and my favorite: eight metal barn stars!  The tree looks jaw-dropping beautiful!  The lights and colors are mesmerizing!  Then it was time to add our ornaments.  Bron and I have a tradition that started on our honeymoon.  We buy an ornament to commemorate our various trips to everywhere.  Eventually, we'll have a "travel tree" full of memories!  These are just a few of my favorites:

The little bear means a lot to Bron.

The ornament that commemorates our trip to Maine.

My mom gave us these ornaments for our 1st Christmas together in 2007.  They mean a lot to me.

A bell sent to me all the way from Japan from my best friend, Laura Alice.

A sand dollar from our Honeymoon

We spent Saturday afternoon at Tim and Jen's house, another couple in our branch.  The boys went outside to do some much needed preventive maintenance on our Impala.  We girls hung out inside where it was warm.  Tim and Jen had us over for dinner as well.  After dinner, Tim entertained us with his amazing gun collection and crazy stories about those guns and his dirt bikes.  It was a lot of fun!

Thanks to our friends, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. beautiful! I can't wait to put up our tree. . .and then fight the girls to keep them away from it. . . :)

  2. I love your tree! It's very you. I love the antique feel...too bad that wouldn't match my house. And your pie looks DELICIOUS! Someday when we're not too far away from each other we can cook thanksgiving together :)

  3. Pie looks scrumptous! Great Job. The tree looks perfect. Hope to see a full view soon.

  4. this looks so fun. i need that berry pie receipe! Yum! Your tree was so pretty too...great pictures! xoxo

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! We finally got a tree this year too! It makes the winter so much less depressing!


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