A Nasty Surprise

This morning I found that a mouse had left me little gifts in my kitchen drawers again. Gross! Just the thought of the little creature climbing over all of my stuff gives me the heebeejeebees.

But I work with mice and rats everyday. What's the big deal, you ask? The rodents at work are white and guaranteed to be disease free. Plus, they're in a controlled environment and live in individual cages. The mouse roaming my kitchen is exactly the opposite. Anyhow, I wouldn't appreciate any animal's feet, germs, and feces on my silverware.

So I'm on the defense. We already have little packets of poison throughout the garage, basement, and kitchen from our mouse incident this summer. If our little intruder hasn't found it already, the trap we set this morning probably will. The little animal's days are numbered!

P.S. We ended up trapping TWO little critters! And there has been nothing for days. I think we conquered, but I will be sure to keep the traps set until it totally freezes outside.


  1. hahahaa! I love the way you set that up. Very funny. I'm so sorry you have mice though! I just hate mice. They are sooo disgusting (and we had a problem with them this summer too!)!

    I am getting my masters equivalency (it's called an endorsement in teaching) and it is pretty intense. I love it...but it's just one more thing. :( Anyway...I miss you! Thank you for always keeping in touch. Love ya!

  2. Ew. . .
    good luck with those nasties!

  3. Ewwww, gross!!! Mice are my least favorite things in the world!


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