Conrad's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday!  Our little man is 2!!!  Conrad captured my heart from the moment I heard his fluttering away in my womb.  I had no idea what I was missing until he came into our family and our lives.  Conrad is my busiest child and may just have the biggest personality of my three boys.  (And after Levi, that's saying something!)  Conrad leaves me flustered every day, but he's also my little ray of happy sunshine.  I can't help laughing and smiling along with him.  My life is bigger and brighter and fuller because of him.

^^Pictures taken in the yard after church on his actual big day.  Conrad wasn't very cooperative.  He preferred running from me!  Haha.  Everything is a game when you're two.^^

Some specific things I am loving about Conrad right now:

1. How he blows on flowers instead of smelling them.

2. The way he wags his finger and tells me "No, no!"

3. How he throws his head back and says, "Mmmm!" every time we pass a cow or a horse or any property that looks like it might have an animal.

4. The way he knocks on doors with his little knuckles, even if there is no one there to open it up!

5. How he exclaims, "Wow!" every time I remove something from the microwave.

6. He still falls asleep in my arms.  At bedtime he often points to the recliner in his room and says, "chair".  That's my cue to wrap him up in a blanket, sing him a song, and sometimes hold him as he drifts off to sleep.  I quietly sit admiring his cheeks and lashes and just soaking him in.
7. Last but certainly not least, Conrad gives the sweetest kisses. "Mmmuah," he says as he lands one on my cheek. I can't get enough!  He even blows kisses to strangers as we leave. "Bye!" he exclaims waving with his little hand in the air above his big head.

You guys, this kid is seriously cute!

We opted for a simple celebration this year.  His birthday landed on a Sunday, so we invited the Horsley family over for presents and cheesecake after church.  The Horsley kids are some of Conrad's biggest fans.  He's the baby around here and so well loved.

^^Catching the excitement and jumping up and down!^^
^^A new red coat, books, and some toys!^^
^^Umm... we are not animals and do not open things with our teeth.^^  
^^I just couldn't choose between all those happy smiles.^^

Happy 2nd Birthday, Conrad!  We love you so incredibly much!!!

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