Our Saturday Adventure Exploring Black Magic Canyon

What a difference a week makes!  If you stopped by our home last weekend, you would have found me glued to the couch with a baby on my lap.  Conrad was feeling so so sick.  He ran a fever for four days straight and vomited at least once a day for a full week--up through Friday!  It was concerning enough to me that I took him to see the doctor.  He was basically surviving on breast milk.  (So much for weaning this month.  I'm not sorry.)  Both Jed and Levi got sick as well, but bounced back fast.  Even I felt a little off one day.  Something was definitely going around.  I didn't mind slowing down and enjoying all the extra snuggles.  In fact, it was necessary.  But it was sure good to see Conrad's appetite suddenly pick back up yesterday.  Whew.  I am glad to have that week behind us and to all be healthy again!

Before I launch into explaining our family adventure, I need to mention a much smaller and yet equally exciting--to me--adventure that occurred yesterday morning.  I was recently asked to volunteer my time helping with the local youth orchestras.  They meet every Saturday for two months every Fall and every Winter.  I agreed and showed up for the first time yesterday morning.  Upon arrival, the conductor of the Beginning and Intermediate Orchestras had to leave; she was so sick she could barely stand on her feet.  Could I fill in for her?  I hesitated.  I took a conducting class in college but had zero experience conducting anything.  I said I'd give it a shot.

You guys!  To my enormous surprise, I CAN CONDUCT.  And not just wave my arms.  I mean, I can actually conduct.  Given, the music wasn't anything too complicated and I know there's lots of room for personal growth, but it was my very first time standing in front of a group of instruments as their leader and the whole experience came amazingly natural to me.  I felt like I was in my element!  I read the scores without trouble.  We stopped to work on difficult passages.  We made progress.  And it was fun!  I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise to me.  I've spent literally weeks of my life sitting in a little black chair playing my violin in various orchestras and symphonies.  The thing is, I didn't expect to like being on the other side of the music stand.  Now I realize I wouldn't mind taking on the responsibility of conducting these young kids and contributing to their musical growth.  In fact, it would be a great honor that would give me the happy giggles.  Talk about a natural high!  I just discovered an ability I had no idea I had!!!

^^Resting for a minute.^^
 ^^Jed and Levi eating lunch in the sunshine on the warm rocks.^^

I was home by noon and then it was time to pack some lunches and load up in the truck to explore Black Magic Canyon.

Bron stumbled upon this family friendly hiking anomaly while doing an internet search for slot canyons in Idaho.  This one popped up and happened to be in our backyard!  It's located off Highway 75 just before crossing the Big Wood River.  We had to call The Big Wood River Canal Company beforehand to make sure they weren't running any water through it though.  Black Magic Canyon is really only accessible during the Fall and Winter months.  And so hiking through the canyon a sunny forty-something degree day seemed like the perfect thing to do to beat the winter blues!  (And yes, I forgot my camera.  Gasp!  So phone shots will have to suffice.)

After parking and walking a little ways, we found an easy spot by which to scramble down into the canyon.  So much of the basalt rock had been worn smooth by the water.  It was neat to touch but a bit slippery for Tyke, our dog, to navigate over.  We hiked up over rocks, sand, and creek rocks until we reached a giant puddle at the top.  There, we settled ourselves against the canyon walls in the warm sunshine to eat lunch.  Jed and Levi threw rocks into the water, of course!

Then we headed back down the canyon.  We passed the spot where we entered and continued onward.  It was incredibly fun.  The walls on either side of us were about 50 feet high in some places!  The rock formations were neat to look at and we found various signs that animals were living there.  No surprise, we made too much noise as we hiked and scared them all away!

After we climbed out of the canyon and walked back to the truck, we turned around to look behind us.  We wouldn't know that there was an entire canyon there had we not just hiked it!  Black Magic Canyon seemed to just disappear into the landscape.

Bron and I were so proud and of Jed and Levi.  They're getting so big and fun.  They hiked like champs.  It was the best day we had as a family in quite a while!  Both Bron and I live for days like these.  They fill all our buckets with happiness.  Plus, I think it's definitely a good way to raise a crew of boys.  We'd love to make these Saturday adventures a monthly habit.

Thanks Black Magic Canyon for a memorable family day out!

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